Refund Request Form for School Nutrition and Curricular Material Rental fees


  • Be sure to complete the address section correctly, as your refund will be mailed to you.  You may also choose to donate your credit to our Angel Fund by marking the form as directed.
  • Use this form if you would like to request a refund from your School Nutrition Account.  A refund request will be processed after verifying the balance on the student’s account.    Please allow a few weeks to process the form and complete the check for mailing.  Contact with questions regarding School Nutrition.
  • Use this form if you would like to request a refund for payment of a Curricular Materials Rental (CMR) fee.  This could happen if you withdraw your student, had already paid your fees, and the fees were prorated, or if you had paid fees and then qualified for assistance.  A refund will only be issued with a credit balance on the account.  Contact your school bookkeeper if you have questions regarding CMR refunds.