Procedure for Exit from High-Ability Services

The purpose of this procedure is to try to help a struggling high-ability student to be successful in the high-ability programming that is offered. As a last resort, the high-ability program can be removed or revised if the student is not finding success in the current program. 

The request for consideration of exiting a student from high-ability programming can be initiated by parents, guardians, students, teachers, or school administrators. Before exiting a student, appropriate individuals must first develop a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) intervention plan which must include the following steps to support the student:

  1. Arrange a conference with the parties involved, including the parent, administrator, and the teacher providing services. This conference may be a telephone conference. 
  2. Together parents, students, teachers, and administrators examine issues of concern and discuss interventions that may be implemented. All efforts should be made to work together to identify the problem areas and to address these areas with a plan. 
  3. Participants agree on an MTSS plan for not less than one semester to implement interventions. If a student has an IEP or 504 plan currently in place, these should be considered when drafting the MTSS plan. 
  4. At the end of the MTSS timeline established in #3, the parent, student, teacher and administrator meet to review progress and determine whether or not the student is finding success in their current service placement. At this time, the group can decide to extend the plan for a longer period of time or proceed to #5. 
  5. If an exit is deemed appropriate from a consensus of the committee, the parent signs permission to remove the student from their current high-ability placement and services. The child remains identified as having high ability. This process is used to find the appropriate service model. 
  6. Parent permission for exit and documentation of meetings/interviews are sent to the district high-ability coordinator.