Goshen Community Schools Performing Arts Programs

Step into the world of creativity and achievement of the Goshen Community Schools Performing Arts programs! Our award-winning programs bring together the magical symphony of Band, Orchestra, Winter Percussion, the harmonious melodies of Choir and Crimonsaires, the mesmerizing artistry of Color Guard, and the captivating allure of Theatre.

Here at Goshen Community Schools, we take immense pride in our tradition of excellence. Our esteemed instructors, alongside passionate students, have consistently earned recognition in regional and national competitions, making Goshen a known competitor in the performing arts arena.

From the stirring performances of our Choirs to the precision and flair displayed by our Winter Percussion, every aspect of our program embodies dedication, skill, and artistic innovation.

As you step on our stages, you will witness the transformative power of our Theatre productions, where the magic of storytelling comes to life with unmatched passion and creativity.

Our exceptional Band and Orchestra ensembles have achieved multiple awards throughout the years for their musical prowess, delivering breathtaking performances that resonate with audiences.

Adding to the vibrant tapestry of our program, the captivating artistry of our Color Guard unfolds in an array of stunning visuals, complementing the Marching Band with a symphony of movement and color.

Join us on this remarkable journey, where passion meets accomplishment, and artistic expression knows no bounds. At Goshen Community Schools Performing Arts, we nurture talent, embrace creativity, and celebrate the shared joy of performance.