Parent Resources

The following are resource links to information that can assist parents and students in the High Ability program:

  • Ball State Center for Gifted Studies and Talent Development has a mission of “meeting the needs of gifted and talented students, their teachers, their schools and administrators, their parents, and their larger communities through enrichment programming, professional development, parent seminars, and research activities designed to improve educational programs and create a better understanding of the needs of gifted and talented individuals.”
  • Davidson Institute helps support profoundly gifted children.
  • Gifts for Learning a blog about gifted children and the places to find books and toys, supporting their emotional needs, educational tips and more.
  • National Association for Gift Children (NAGC) is a program whose staff and leaders ” support and develop policies and practices that encourage and respond to the diverse expressions of gifts and talents in children and youth from all cultures, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and socioeconomic groups. NAGC supports and engages in research and development, staff development, advocacy, communication, and collaboration with other organizations and agencies who strive to improve the quality of education for all students.”