Service Option


Elem. K-4

GIS 5/6

GJHS 7/8

GHS 9/12

Early Admission to Kindergarten This is an option based on specific background data and assessment of the incoming kindergarten student. X
Cluster Grouping Students with high-ability (HA) identification are clustered in small groups for instruction based on their area of HA identification within a general education classroom. These students are preferably placed with a teacher who has training in teaching HA students. X X X X
Class–to–Class Cluster Grouping High-ability students are placed in the same classroom for math and/or language arts and then return to their regular class for the rest of the day. It is like cluster grouping, yet the students may need to move to a different class for some instruction. X X X
Self-contained HA Classroom Students have the option of attending school in a self-contained high-ability classroom if they are identified in both English/Language Arts and Math. These students are served preferably by a teacher who has a high-ability license or has training in teaching high-ability students. This may mean the student will need to be transported from his/her home school to the school where the high-ability classroom is located. GCS does provide transportation. X X
Differentiated Instruction HA students benefit from teachers who have been trained in differentiated instruction. The curriculum is modified for high-ability students by content, process, or product. X X X X
HA Honors courses HA students can choose to enroll in a variety of honors courses. X X
High School credit courses in Goshen Junior High School (GJHS) HA students can earn high school credit for certain coursework in GJHS. Examples include Algebra 1, Geometry, Physical Education, and Health X
International Baccalaureate program (IB) Students in grades 11 and 12 have the opportunity to complete an IB diploma or receive certificates in certain areas of the student’s choice. X
Dual Credit Students can take dual credit courses in English, science, and social studies. Credit is received by proficiency in the course. X
Independent Study/Distance Learning High-ability students who complete the highest level in a particular content area will have the opportunity to take additional coursework via distance education or independent study. X
Grade-skipping and Subject skipping This is an available option based on background data and assessment of the student. X X X X
Counseling Services GCS offers the support of school counselors in every building. Students are monitored for social and/or emotional needs and are offered the opportunity to discuss any concerns with the parents and/or classroom teacher. X X X X
Individual Learning Plan (ILP) For some identified HA students it may be necessary to prepare an individual plan to best fit the needs of the student. ILP’s can address cognitive and/or social-emotional concerns. X X X X