Employee Email Accounts

All Goshen Community Schools employees receive 2 email accounts. GCS has utilized Microsoft technology for email and office products for over 15 years. Google, however, has become a strong player in the education market, providing excellent collaborative applications for teachers and students. Since we don’t want to lose any functionality, we are choosing to continue with multiple accounts for the time being.

Follow the instructions below for online access and phone set-up instructions.

Office 365 Email Account

  • Log in to https://portal.office.com
  • Use your GCS email address and password
  • How to change your password
    • If you are Windows user and at work, simply hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete on your keyboard and choose the “Change Password” option.
    • If you are a Mac user and at work, you can change your password through “Security & Privacy” in system preferences.
    • If you are at home, you can change your password through Office 365. Login to https://portal.office.com and choose “My Account” then “Security & Privacy” from the user menu in the upper right corner.

Goshen Schools Gmail Account

  • Log in to mail.google.com
  • Password changes must be done through your building TRC.

Email set up on phones:

  • Watch a help video from Microsoft
  • You can optionally install the Outlook app from Microsoft
  • Key information for setup
    • Use your GCS email address and password
    • Account type – Exchange, Exchange ActiveSync, or Office 365 (these are subject to change)
  • Additional Information that may be required
    • Email Server – outlook.office365.com

Forwarding Email accounts:

Goshen Community Schools has a need to communicate with ALL staff members at various times. Some communications may even be urgent and require your prompt attention. As such, staff are expected to check their email on a daily basis during work hours. Please follow the steps below to avoid missing any email communications. If you are unsuccessful, please contact your building TRC.

  • Click here for instructions