Welcome to Goshen Community Schools!

We are excited that you have joined our team! While there is much to learn, we hope this can help you take care of the basics. If you have any trouble along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out via email or phone.


Goshen Community Schools has a need to communicate with ALL staff members at various times. Some communications may even be urgent and require your prompt attention. As such, staff are expected to check their email on a daily basis during work hours.

All Staff Have Two Email Accounts

To provide access to both Microsoft and Google tools, you have been assigned an Office 365 account as well as a Google Apps account. All email is automatically forwarded to your Office 365 account which is accessed through the Desktop Outlook program or Outlook Online.

Google Account: <username>@staff.goshenschools.org https://mail.google.com
Office 365 Account: <username>@goshenschools.org https://portal.office.com

Welcome again to GCS! If you have any trouble or questions, please use the contact information below to email or call.

Human Resources
 GCS HR Department
(574) 533-8631

District Technology
GCS Technology Office
(574) 534-3487