The Technology Department is a vital part of GCS. The Technology Department provides resources that enable all to acquire skills in accessing, processing, and communicating ideas and information.


Goshen Community Schools employs technology to improve instruction at all levels.  We continue to seek affordable and effective opportunities to infuse technology in the learning process to ensure our students receive relevant and timely instruction.

1 to 1 program

Students in grades K-4  are issued iPads upon enrollment.

Students in grades 5-12 are issued a Chromebook upon enrollment.

Instructional Technology in Every Classroom

GCS classrooms are outfitted with a mounted LCD projector or Promethean Board, allowing teachers to utilize the vast resources of the internet to create dynamic and engaging lessons.

Instructional Devices for Every Teacher

GCS continues to phase in AirTames across the district, giving teachers access to an enormous number of educational applications.  The AirTames allow these applications to be presented directly to the projectors and Prometheans for classroom viewing, collaboration, and discussion.

Policies and Guidelines

  • Student Acceptable Use Policy – 7540
  • Staff Acceptable Use Policy –7540

Repairs and Software Support

Electronic technology and software sometimes seem to do mysterious things. The TRCs and Tech Associates at GCS work hard to meet the service needs of the staff and students. Submit tickets on our web-based help ticket system to report technical issues.

Purchases and Planning

GCS technology purchases originate from the instructional or productivity needs of students and staff. Requisitions start with staff. TRCs and Techs assist staff with making sure the hardware and software requests are compatible with GCS systems. Approval from building and corporation administrators is the final step before orders are placed.