Reminder to check your email over the summer for important messages. Go to from any computer that can get on the Internet.

Please clear out all voicemail messages. Check your greeting. Does your message have instructions for the caller if they want to transfer to the operator?

Equipment Checkout

GCS School Board purchases equipment so you can accomplish your job responsibilities, not for personal use.
Below are the policies, guidelines, and forms related to checking out equipment.

Check with technology for procedures for storage or checkout of technology equipment.

Form for checking out equipment for personal use

Policy for lending GCS equipment

Guidelines for

You are responsible for up to $500 should something happen to the equipment. We do not require that you show proof of insurance. You need to know that you are responsible for it. Please be conscious of how the equipment is stored or where it is located so GCS gets the fullest amount of life out of it.

LCD projectorscameras (digital and video), as well as other portable peripherals, are easily damaged, misplaced, or stolen. LCD bulbs cost over $400 to replace. These items are not available for personal use.

Acceptable Use Policy The equipment/laptop is the property of GCS. That means that the GCS policy about acceptable use applies, no matter where the equipment goes. That also means that software not owned by GCS is not to be installed.

Data/Files Be aware that your laptop/computer might be wiped clean in the summer, so you will want to back up documents to your locker or Google Drive before you leave or when you return the laptop.