If you have any questions regarding the benefits you receive from Goshen Community Schools, please contact benefits@goshenschools.org.




Supplemental Plan


Indiana Public Retirement Plan

For information regarding your public retirement plan click here.

Login to your PERF account here.

Thinking about retiring?

Email your letter of intent to retire to hr@goshenschools.org to request a meeting to review your retirement benefits and severance. If you aren’t sure you want to retire yet and would just like to gather information, please email HR to request a meeting to review your information.

INPRS recommends that 1-2 years before you retire, you attend a retirement workshop. After you attend a group meeting you may want to schedule a one-on-one meeting. You can register for one of these by going to www.inprs.in.gov, click on Retirement Education on the left and then Workshops and Counseling or by calling 844-464-6777. If you call to register, be sure to press the option that says you are calling for someone else. Let them know you want to meet with Jim Neddeff in Goshen

Time Off

For information regarding time off for the following, refer to your designated handbook:

  • FMLA
  • PTO
  • Vacation
  • Holiday
  • Military Leave
  • Leave of Absence

Assistance Programs