Prairie View Food Drive-Practicing Philanthropy

Since Prairie View Elementary opened its doors, they have had a tradition of helping PV families by organizing a food drive right before Christmas break. The food drive was started by the first counselor at PV, and has continued for ten years. Families with students on free or reduced lunches are mailed an invitation to request a food box; if they want to accept a box they return the RSVP to the school.

Generally speaking, the students get very excited about the food drive. According to PV counselor Marge Gingerich, “Teachers do a great job of building excitement within their students. There is a low-key competition… the classroom with the highest number of donations each day is announced at the end of the day over the PA, and a large “Can-Man” poster is placed on an easel outside the winning classroom until the following day.”

From the Prairie View website regarding the food drive:

PHILANTHROPY: the act of being charitable for the well-being of others.

At Prairie View we will promote philanthropy amongst students and staff with our Christmas Food Drive from December 1st to the 11th. Items collected during the food drive are given to our own Prairie View families. This Prairie View tradition has become an important and powerful community building activity when students and staff work together to accomplish something so meaningful!