GMS/GHS RedHawks Rising

There were pep sessions at GMS and GHS today to pass the torch from the former Redskin mascot to the new RedHawks mascot.


IMG_1855The transition of school logos.

IMG_1858Mrs. Egli and Ms. Blosser spoke about their history with Goshen Community Schools, and encouraged students to continue to support and have pride in their school and mascot.

IMG_1889Mr. Mault spoke about his 40 years at GCS, his own children, and the important task the students were given when they were asked to choose a new mascot. “And you have chosen well; you have chosen a strong name.”

IMG_1879The GHS drumline also played at the GMS pep session.


IMG_1923The band played for the assembly, including the school song (several times).

IMG_1921High school steering committee members.

IMG_1935Student emcees.

IMG_1943Senior Molly Hill was one of four students (one from each grade) who spoke about honoring the Redskin and the past. Molly concluded by encouraging the students to embrace the new mascot, saying “We are the RedHawks Rising!”

IMG_1944The drumline also played at GHS.

IMG_1963Dr. Younghans thanked the students for helping to make this a smooth transition.

IMG_1967Some of the new RedHawk uniforms.

IMG_1971GHS wrestlers, sporting the new RedHawk Rising t-shirts.

Thank you to everyone who planned and participated in the assemblies today. We honored the past, and we are moving forward together as RedHawks.