Sun loving, Churches and Night Fishing

You can view photos from our day here.

Sunday showed up just a beautiful as all the other, slightly overcast which was welcome by those who chose to not wear sunscreen the previous day.  Yesterday I mentioned that there hadn’t been too many cases of sunburn.  Well, that’s not the case now.  A few are worshipping the sun gods a bit too much and keeping our good doctor on site, Christina Haimes, fairly busy.

The students started work on their habitat studies yesterday with an early seminar. After which, if they wanted, could attend church or mass at the local Baptist and Catholic churches who welcome us each year.  Apparently we double their size upon arrival.  Joel Holsopple and family attended the Layton Baptist Church where they found it to be very welcoming and were even invited to a lunch afterwards. The church is attended over by Pastor Robby.

On a daily basis marine life is found around the resort and at the GC facility.  Yesterday a little orange sea horse was found and put in the temporary viewing area.  The GC facility has a tank that is filled with ocean water and aerated to ensure preservation of the life that temporarily lives in the tank.  Specimens, such as star fish, puffer fish, and now sea horses, are brought in for observation and then released after a day or so.

Because of the size of our group, Night Fishing and John Pennekamp snorkeling is divided into two groups.  Last night the first night fishing group went out and apparently had a great time.  It never fails that someone gets a bit sick and from what I hear, only one did.  I’m sure those on the boat were happy for that small number!

Many fish were caught, among them a large grouper.  Some had a different experience with the fish.  According to Karly from Northridge, she was hit in the face with a flying fish!  Fortunately no injuries and she was not knocked out of the boat.  ;)  It was a late night for those that went and an early morning.  Hopefully they aren’t all crabby today.