Seminars, Sea Squirts and Rockin’ Night Life

See our photos from today here.

Each morning is a beautiful and balmy 80 degrees with a slight breeze coming off the water. Walking out of our rooms and not being cold at 8am is such a welcome change from the cold weather back in Goshen.  So far there hasn’t been too many with sunburns as the kids have been fully informed of the sun’s danger on their Indiana skin!

After being energized through a pancake breakfast, the students set off for an introductory seminar on the marine environment.  Claire Penner and Ariana Perez Diener said they covered topics on different levels of the ocean, waves and tides.  They learned about the physical characteristics of sea water and how temperature and wind affect it.  They also learned about the affects of the sun and moon with the tides.

Afterwards they went to the quarry that some students went to the previous day.  They saw sea squirts, described by the girls as, “reddish orange and you can squish them and they spray water.”

After lunch the students attended two more seminars on algae and water quality.  Seminars are held at the Goshen College facility across the street about a 10 minute walk from the resort.  Students road out on the pontoon during the seminar.  Others out for leisure, took kayaks through the channels looking for exercise and marine life.  Rick and Griffin Hetler found the tides against them going out and then fighting again as they came back.  They said it was quite a work out!

During their leisure time you can find students, lounging on hammocks, throwing frisbees and baseballs, swimming in the pool, kayaking or paddle boarding.

That evening we had our first common meal right out in front of the resort.  We dined on grilled chicken, baked potatoes, black bean salsa, asian salad and cookies. We eat VERY VERY WELL!  The kids are working hard all day long and refuel at each of our meals.

When it began to get dark, some of the groups were able to go on an excursion to the rocky coastal line.  When the tides go out, many marine life cling to the coastal edge until the tide comes back in.  It’s the perfect time to take a flash light, gloves and some shoes for some exploring.  Many found sea urchins, crabs, and sea cucumber. Other groups will be heading out on different nights.

Everyday has been an adventure for everyone.  Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!