Recognition of GHS Bands-State Distinction

To the students, staff, parents, and administration that support the Goshen High School band program:

Congratulations!!  You have just become the only band program in all of Indiana to be represented at the the ISSMA state marching, jazz, and concert organizational finals!!  That is an amazing feat, and I hope you all realize how special the program you are a part of is.  It is an incredible feat to qualify for just one of those events, and many schools don’t even do that, but to be at all three of them, let alone the incredible groups you have in the indoor percussion and winter guard circuits…  It is inspiring, to say the least!!

To you, it may just be what you do, and could quite possibly be the “status quo”;  you are just doing what you do when you go to school.  But the reality is, it is much more than that,   Indiana is one of the top states in the nation when it comes to instrumental music.  We have a long, rich history of outstanding music programs, legendary bands, and historic music educators.  Goshen is definitely one of those programs, and just by doing what you do, please know that you are recognized as one of the leading programs in the state of Indiana, and a model for what a highly successful, well-rounded program can and should look like.

The instruction you get from your directors is second to none, and we all know that this cannot happen without the astonishingly great support of fantastic, enthusiastic parent and administrative support.

In the band directing world, many of us are friends with each other; we chat about life together, but we always have great interest in what our friends and colleagues are doing with their programs.   We look to each other for advice, for help, direction, and often, for support.   You have some of the best directors in the Midwest, there is no doubt about that, and you should feel incredibly blessed to have such talented people who invest unbelievable amounts of time and energy in your musical growth, and also using that musical growth to help you become the best version of yourself you possibly could.

When you take the stage next Saturday at the state finals, you will take the stage with some of the best bands in the country, as you are one of the best bands in the country.  Never forget what an honor it is not just to perform on that stage, but to perform with your friends, to rehearse with your friends, and to simply be a part of such a legendary program.   Additionally, you will take the stage as uniquely recognized as the only school to have done so in the 3 different areas in which ISSMA offers a state finals for bands. That is a first, and it cannot go without recognition.

I know you have worked very hard both individually and together, and that you will give a memorable performance.   However, I would encourage you not to take for granted any opportunity to perform, and to relish the moments and create memories with your friends and directors that nothing can ever take away or change.   Take a moment, when you can, and just let it soak in… What you have accomplished, what your hard work represents,  the great memories you have made, and the impact and influence you have had on so many other students and directors that haven’t even met…

Even though I don’t know any of you, words cannot express how proud I am of what you do and what you represent.  You give such great hope for the the future, because you demonstrate on a consistent basis that hard work, dedication to a common goal, community,  collaboration, and working together can and will happen, and the lessons you have learned making music will carry on into your futures, ultimately rippling on to the many people will have in your lives.

Congratulations on a historic year, and have a wonderful performance!!!  As I tell my students,  “Love…  Every…. Moment!!!”



Doug Hassell

Director of bands

Carroll high school