Chamberlain Expedition Showcase

On Tuesday night, Chamberlain held their spring Expedition Showcase, allowing family members to see what the Chamberlain crew has been working on in their classrooms over the last several months.

Their Field Guide explained their projects:

Kindergarten: Amazing Birds in Our Community How does our habitat in Goshen support Robins? How do my actions affect birds? Product: Collaged Robin trading cards.

First Grade: The Dirt on Shanklin Park How can people work together to improve a community? How have people in the past impacted Shanklin? Product: History of Shanklin Park time-line and books about the park history.

2nd Grade: Thrive Like a Hive How do bees and plants and people help each other? Do we need each other? Product: Bee information cards with scientific drawings for local organizations.

3rd Grade: Roots in our community What is the value of a tree? Does a tree have a story? Product: Tree Trading cards and display for Arbor Day/Rieth Center.

4th Grade: Market Economy-What’s the deal? Why do businesses succeed or fail? What is a need vs. want? Product: Mini-Market Economy Day and Business Analysis Report

5th Grade: Speak Up! What are our rights and responsibilities when we talk about free speech? How can our voice make a difference? Product: Digital multimedia presentations putting 1st Amendment in action.

The students seemed eager to show their work to their families, and the parents and siblings certainly seemed to enjoy seeing it as well!