Career Center Opportunities for GHS Students

As part of the curriculum at Goshen High School, students have the option to take classes at the Elkhart Area Career Center (1/2 days) during their high school career. The classes available to students provide great opportunities for them to explore possible careers in greater depth, and to get hands-on training in their particular field(s) of interest.

The current classroom/curriculum choices at the Career Center include:

Arts & Communication

GHS Student

 Engineering, Manufacturing, and Technology

GHS Student

 Health & Public Safety
 Hospitality & Human Services

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GHS Student

Information From the Career Center Website:

The Elkhart Area Career Center (EACC) first opened for the 1971-72 school year with 18 sending school partners.  Original programming included:  secretarial skills, clerical skills, auto body and auto mechanics, building trades, technical drafting, electronics, graphic arts and advance printing, welding, health occupations, commercial sewing, food service, horticulture, radio and television, and audio-visual technology.

The EACC’s ability to adjust programming needs to serve employment trends has been a strength over its decades of service.  An Early Childhood Education program was launched for the 1987-88 school year.  Student interest in public safety led to the launch of a Law Enforcement program for the 1993-94 school year and five years later a Firefighting program was started.  One of the original areas of programming, health occupations, has grown over the years as local needs have changed.  A nursing assistant program was started prior to the 1990-91 school year and within 5 years staffing in health occupations grew to three instructors and programming was increased to offer second year training and dental instruction. Computer Programming was first offered for the 1977-78 school year and courses related to applications and networking have been introduced to respond to changing needs within the field.  The introduction of the computer in drafting compelled the EACC to begin offering CAD courses prior to the 1999-2000 school year.  

The changes in programming, enhancement of curriculum, and additional space have all been implemented in an effort to support the EACC’s initial vision of offering instruction to anyone in the region that wished to learn about the “world of work.”  EACC has continued to communicate with business partners and monitor employment trends to ensure programming not only benefits the Elkhart community, but position students to pursue career interests with the needed training to be successful.