Board Recognitions From April 27 Meeting At Parkside

The GCS board meeting was held at Parkside Elementary School on April 27th.

2-Ambassadors 1-Welcome 3-The Joy Bottle Passing the Joy Bottle 1

Parkside student ambassadors (4th & 5th graders) were in attendance to participate in several leadership activities, which included:

  1. Taking groups of administrators and board members on tours of their school.
  2. Leading the pledge of allegiance.
  3. Leading those assembled in the Parkside Life Goal Pledge.

Life Goal Pledge
I will do the right thing today, even if I don’t feel like it.
I will treat people right today, even if I don’t feel like it.
Today I will remember my will power is stronger than how I feel or what I think.
All things are possible today.
Good news is heading my way.

4. Sharing how they use the Parkside Lifelines to be leaders in their school. Parkside Lifelines include such attributes as active listening, commitment, cooperation, effort, encouragement, generosity, integrity, kindness, organization, problem-solving, respect, self-control, and trust. The students also asked administrators and board members to pass the Parkside “Joy bottle” and share a Parkside lifeline that they might use to display their leadership skills.

Passing the Joy Bottle 2 Passing the Joy Bottle 4 Passing the Joy Bottle 5 Passing the Joy Bottle 6
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