8th Grade New Tech at the Goshen Chamber

8th grade New Tech students in Mrs. Sapp’s class went to the Chamber of Commerce today to meet with local business men and women. According to Mrs. Sapp, people from local businesses volunteered their time to come in and meet with the students. The students had prepared Investment Portfolios, which Mrs. Sapp said were “investments in their futures”. Each student was asked to come up with three goals; one for now, one for their high school career, and one for post-high school. Then the students used pictures and words from magazines and other sources to construct Vision Boards, to map out a path for their three goals. Mrs. Sapp said that the volunteers were going to listen to the students review their resume, their goals, and their vision boards, and then were asked to give the students feedback and encouragement on how to achieve their goals.

Below, Nick Kieffer, president of the Chamber of Commerce, welcomes the students and representatives from local businesses.

Below are the students, who met with local business leaders for 5-10 minutes, and then moved on to meet with others.

This student’s vision board had symbols for graduation with the quote “She believed she could, so she did”.

This student ended one interaction in proper business style, with a handshake.

These students got some pointers with a resume.

Thank you to the Chamber of Commerce for hosting this event, and to the business men and women for meeting with GMS students to encourage them and provide feedback for them on how to work toward their goals.