6/26 Board Recognition

Dr. Woodworth and the school board thanked the Strategic Planning steering committee at the board meeting, for serving on the committee, along with participation on at least one of the sub-committees. Over the course of their work, the committee updated the school corporation’s mission, vision, and values, as well as looking at four main areas of concentration: Academics, including the new learning pathways; Communication, including a marketing campaign and updating educational and promotional materials; Facilities, including a review of current use and expected needs in the future; and Resource Utilization, including both physical resources and personnel.

Members of the committee were: Alan Metcalfe, Angela Piazza, Barry Younghans, Bill Born, Brenton Fish, Carl Weaver, Diane Woodworth, Jerry Hawkins, Lori Line, Lori Martin, Lori Shreiner, Regina Goodman, Robina Sommers, and Tammy Ummel.