Weather concerns for this week

There are many factors that are in play when we make decisions about school delays and closings, and as you might imagine, each weather event is unique and has its own peculiarities. Having said that, we know that many of you wonder about timelines and such for when we are making these decisions. Normally, we decide on delays by 5:45 a.m., as the first buses roll out between that time and 6:00. If there is a delay, we have until 7:45 to decide if we will close school or not, also based on when the first buses would begin their routes. We take making these decisions very seriously, as 6600 young lives depend on us for so many things. For many of our students, we provide their only two nutritious meals a day.

As we are looking at this week, we surmise that we could have several more E-learning days. As we think about the educational value of these days, and since we are still new at this, we believe that two E-Learning days in a row should be max for us. Therefore, if we would need to close school for a third consecutive day, that day would be made up on the first available planned make up day in our school calendar, which in this case, would be Friday, Feb. 15.

Please remember that students have five school days to complete their E-Learning assignments.

We will try to make all weather-related decisions this week in as prudent and timely manner as possible. Thank you all, and stay warm and safe out there!