“The Nature of Life is to Grow” (1)-Prairie View Theme Song

Prairie View principal Donna Wiktorowski shared the theme song for Prairie View this year, Prairie View: A Good Place to Grow, and welcomed the chance to have it included in the new GCS series on Growing within Goshen Community Schools. You can see a video of the students singing the song below, but directly below this are the words to the song.

Prairie View: A Good Place to Grow

Welcome to school. We’re glad that you’re here.

We’re looking ahead to a fabulous year.

The more time you spend here, the more you will know,

Prairie View’s a good place to grow.


Prairie View: A good place to grow.

Prairie View: Good people to know.

There’s no other place that I’d rather go.

Prairie View’s a good place to grow.

Prairie View’s a good place to grow.

Do the right thing. Treat people right.

Those are the values that we all live by.

If we follow this guide then we will see,

Prairie View’s a good place to be.


Teachers who care, students who try –

This is the way to keep our dreams alive.

We all work together. We’re one big team.

Prairie View’s a good place to dream!


As part of their all-school celebration today, a former Prairie View student, Adrian de la Vega, visited to talk to them about an IB attribute; being a risk-taker. Adrian encouraged the students to be risk-takers at a young age because “if you take risks when you are young, it will be even easier when you get older. You will learn more, and it is an important thing to do”. Adrian is currently a college student and a proud Prairie View alum, from Mrs. Wiktorowski’s 4th grade class!

Thank you, Prairie View, for sharing your song and for being a great place to GROW!