Thank You, City of Goshen!

Goshen Community Schools would like to thank Mayor Jeremy Stutsman and Goshen City employees for their excellent work during the last few days, with the flooding and the state of emergency in Goshen. Mayor Stutsman and Superintendent Dr. Diane Woodworth have been in conversation over the last 24 hours, coming up with a plan to get students safely back to school today. Most sidewalks in Goshen are now dry and are able to be used by students. However, since the walking path along Plymouth Avenue was still partially under water, Mayor Stutsman offered city services to help get GMS students safely to their school.

As GMS students made their way toward Plymouth Avenue, they were greeted by employees from the Goshen Fire Department, Police Department, and the Parks and Recreation Department, who used their small bus to help move some walkers along Plymouth.

GCS Assistant Superintendent Dr. Alan Metcalfe was also out among the Plymouth Avenue activity, watching over GMS students. And, the Plymouth walkway will be monitored throughout the day, to determine the amount of assistance that may still be needed at the end of the school day today.

GCS certainly appreciates the extra Goshen City staff to ensure our students’ safety on their way to school, and we also appreciate the wonderful working partnership GCS has with the Mayor and the city every day. People say it takes a village. We believe that is true, and we think we live in a great one! Thank you, Goshen.