Results of Competition to Collect Plastic Bags

From Chandler Principal, Cheryl Williams:

I want to let everyone (including students) know how proud I am of your efforts to help the Window.  Model and Chandler have collected an amazing amount of bags. The clear winner is the Window!!!!  The next winner is Goshen Schools for having 2 outstanding elementary buildings who poured their heart into this effort.  With this challenge, we both are winners!  However….Chandler did collect more bags!!!!!! WE WON THE CHALLENGE!!!! We brought in 24,230 bags!!  That is AMAZING!  Great job!!!

As a reminder, this was the purpose behind collecting the bags: The bags will be donated to the Window in Goshen. They fill the bags with food and supplies for families in need and go through about 200 a day.

Thank you to the industrious students at Chandler and Model for helping out The Window and all of the people they support!