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This activity was created to challenge students in Molly Kauffman and Lisa Younghans’ enrichment success classes to take their knowledge from the classroom and apply it to the real world. The lesson was built around Olympic bobsledding because everyone was watching the olympics. Our students had to develop a hypothesis about how mass affects the speed of a bobsled. They ran trials on PVC pipe bobsled runs with test tubes of varying masses. Based on their findings students designed and built scale models of bobsleds using items provided by the teachers. Students compared their group data with the data from other groups and answered the following questions.
1. Which group had the fastest time?
2. What factors affected the speed of their bobsled runs? Explain your reasoning.
3. Was your hypothesis correct? Was your bobsled the fastest?
4. Based on what you’ve observed what changes would you make to improve the speed of your bobsled?
We ended the lesson with a final bobsled competition between the two classes on the spiral staircase in the lobby. A great time was had by all.
GMS Bobsledding Teams

GMS Bobsledding Teams

Goshen College students work with GMS students on homework at the after school tutoring and mentoring program in the cafeteria. “

After school tutoring and mentoring program



The 6th grade E3 boys after school program at GMS with their participating mentors. It is a partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Amigo Centre, and Goshen Middle School.

Students linking up land skis for a team event

Students linking up land skis for a team event

Learning skills to work as a team to reach a goal and when you work together amazing things can be accomplished

Learning skills to work as a team