Pennekamp, Coconut Cowboys and The Beatles

See photos of the day here.

Tuesday the students and some staff and parents went to John Pennekamp for a snorkeling excursion.  This is a favorite for many as its a chance to see some larger and more brightly colored marine life than what is visible outside of our resort.  Pennekamp is a roughly an hour from the resort depending on traffic, so they headed out early.  For those of us staying back at the resort it was a very quiet day.

After the snorkeling trip they had a short amount of beach time and then time to get cleaned up for the Island Grill.  Every year the restaurant closes down for the group meal.  They serve an assortment of items such as Mahi, chicken, burgers and vegetarian options.  This year they were also entertained by a band called the Coconut Cowboys.  Reports say they were pretty amazing and had a great knack for getting students to sing with them.  I will be posting video of this later!

The busses arrived back at the resort around 8:30 just in time to roast marshmallows and have s’mores to end a pretty great day!

Today the remainder of the adults and kids will be heading to Pennekamp so I have to cut this short.  Look for the videos of the dinner later tonight.