NEW GHS Traffic Flow

GHS Students and Parents, please note that there are new traffic patterns in the GHS parking lot.

If you enter GHS from Purl Street, you will follow the bottom set of red arrows.  You will exit back onto Purl Street.

If you enter GHS from Madison Street, you will be directed to turn right as soon as you enter the parking lot and follow the top set of red arrows.  You will loop around and exit back onto Madison Street where you can only turn right.

The 10th Street area marked in yellow is for bus pickup and drop off.  Students who ride the bus will use the center pathway to safely walk to and from their bus.  Please note that if you park on 10th Street, you will be blocked in after school until the buses leave.  Also, remember that 10th Street is one way traffic only, going northbound

Madison Street

Purl Street