Model(ing) Kindness

Submitted from a community member:  My wife had a great encounter at Model School today when she dropped off our grandson for school.  Knowing that you may hear more negative than positive stories, I asked my wife to write it out so I could forward it to you.  Here it is:

“We were a bit late to school, so I drove to the front of the school and took Elijah inside to get a late pass. When I came out, there was a van parked in front of school. The driver was standing there, looking puzzled. I told her I’d escort the two children inside and tell Mrs. Cox that they needed late passes, too. When I returned outside, the woman was still standing by the van, conferring with another woman. I discovered that the van had a flat tire. There were three preschoolers inside, one a two month old baby. Back inside I went, asking what to do. Mrs. Cox said to bring the kids inside, so the Grandma did that, one by one. I helped watch the kids while she carried them inside.

Now, the sweet part…..before I knew it, Mr. Gaskill (assistant principal)  was sitting with the three kids in the office, reading and conversing with them. All three were very calm. I stayed for a few more minutes to make sure that I wasn’t needed. When I left, the Grandma was making plans to leave the van where Mr. G said to park it. Triple A wouldn’t come to help, because they were not stranded out  in the cold. Mr. G was reading to the children and making plans to put car seats into his van and take them all back home. The scene was so touching that I felt emotional about it. That guy can do about anything. I’ve also  “caught” him cleaning snow off teachers’  windshields, and other random acts of kindness. I’m sure that the Grandma was very thankful for his presence.”