Message from the City of Goshen

From the City of Goshen Facebook page:

To the Community of Goshen,

Our community has long thrived on strong partnerships and working together. On Friday, Aug. 3, the Goshen Fire and Police Departments will be conducting training drills at Goshen Middle School. The training is scheduled to begin at approximately 11 a.m. and will continue for most of the afternoon. Additional Officers and Fire personnel who are not participating in the training will remain on duty during this training and there will be no lapse in response to calls for service from Goshen residents and businesses.

Signs will be posted along the roadway to alert passersby that training is being conducted. Please spread the word, as we do not want any misperception of why first responders are at the school. GPD and GFD are constantly training to better serve our community. This will allow us to train further all while helping school staff see first-hand what might or could happen. It is my greatest hope that our community never has to utilize what is learned in exercises like this, but we will be prepared.

Thank you to everyone involved. Our kids come first!

Mayor Jeremy Stutsman