Information and Application Process for New Tech

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Goshen Middle School New Tech App

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New Tech is a different way of teaching and learning. Students will use technology to work with their classmates on projects connected to the local and broader communities. Project-focused curriculum will help students develop 21st century independent work habits like productivity and oral communication skills, as well as team member attributes such as collaboration and responsibility. At GMS, we continually seek learning experiences for our students that prepare them for success in high school, college and the ever-changing job market of the future.

New Tech for the 2016-17 School Year

Next year, approximately 250 sixth graders will have the option of New Tech, approximately 125 students in seventh grade and 125 students in eighth grade.

Who Applies

Any interested 6th, 7th or 8th grade student for the 2016-17 school year can apply.


On Thursday, March 10th, from 5:00 – 7:00 pm, GMS will hold a New Tech Open House enrollment kick-off where parents and students can ask final clarifying questions and submit applications. Enrollment forms will be accepted through Tuesday, March 15th. Because of our commitment to a demographic reflective of the GMS student body, we will move to a stratified lottery after the first come, first admitted process for 140 6th grade applications submitted, the first 65 7th grade and the first 65 8th grade applications submitted.


Please refer all questions to the New Tech Director, Lori Shreiner, or the Assistant Director, Jeromy Sheets, by phone at (574) 533-0391, or by email at or