GMS Students Earn Awards on National German Exam

Mrs. Bruder’s 7th and 8th grade German students recently had the opportunity to take the National German Exam, which is a standardized test in the German language. The exam assesses students’ listening and reading skills.  Students took this optional test over 2 days and answered 100 questions.

8th grade students who chose to took the test are (from left to right): Madaline Hershberger, Elizabeth Chupp, Grant Miller, and Caden Hodge

7th grade students who chose to took the test are: Aiden Hapner, Anton Alstrom-Brookhyser, Gwyneth Wood, Bryan Panzo-Leynes, Lincoln Clark, Erick Rodriguez, Erich Schramm, Damian Castillo, and Jonathon Flores.

Special Congratulations to Grant Miller and Caden Hodge, who earned the Silver Medal for their performances on the test.  They were in the 80th percentile of all of the students throughout the country who took the test.

Special Congratulations also to Anton Alstrom-Brookhyser, Lincoln Fisher, Erich Schramm, Gwyneth Wood, and Aiden Hapner, who earned the Achievement Award for their performances on the test. They were in the 60th percentile or above.

Herzlichen Glückwünsch!