GMS Student Story

The following is a letter to Goshen Middle School from a community member:

Dear Ms. Shreiner:

I am a disabled person using a walker, living in Goshen on Clinton Street.  Friday 2/26/16 I was stranded on ice because of unplowed snow that had melted and become an ice rink in our parking lot as the temperatures fell below freezing, and unable to get out of my car safely to the shoveled sidewalk five feet away.

I had already been turned down twice by potential Samaritans and my prayers and hope were growing thin.  Then the school bus arrived.  Two students came my  way.  Desperate, I motioned for their help and they responded quickly and kindly.   I cannot tell you how safe and secure I felt in their care!  The two got the walker out of my trunk, the personal items out of the front seat and me up and walking safely to my destination quickly and easily, and then asked if there was anything else they could do for me.

I wish I knew these angels’ names.  One was tall, full-build and wore a red Ohio State Buckeye sweatshirt hoodie; the other was slighter build, dark hair, both friendly and courteous.  They are to be to commended for walking this 62 year old to her place of safety, preventing a broken hip and making  me feel awestruck at the kindness of strangers.  Let me thank them for selflessness, courteousness, and MUSCLE to help me out!  May God bless them.

Rebecca Christner

Please forward a copy of this to their parent/legal guardian.  Thank you!


Thanks to some detective work from their principal, Ms. Lori Shreiner, the students were identified as Tristen Swearingen and Maikol Mendoza-Praderes. Here they are, pictured with Ms. Shreiner.

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