GMS New Tech Ice Cream Creations

In late November/early December, our 6th grade New Tech students were learning about Solids, Liquids, and Gases.  Our New Tech project had students be “chefs”, who created a unique ice cream flavor.  Using the science design process skills, students researched and developed a recipe, mixed the ingredients together, and made “ice cream in a bag” (all done in class!) Most were able to do this with their recipe two times, so they could make any necessary changes.

The final time, they put their ingredients in a bag, and we took our paper recipes and mixes to Rocket Science Ice Cream in Nappanee, where they used liquid nitrogen (gas) to freeze our ice cream for us to eat.  The students found that this was much easier (and tastier) than just mixing it and shaking it in a bag in ice in a coffee can!

Rocket Science just announced the winners, and they are featuring our students’ flavors during the months of May, June, July, and August!  Those students are also going to receive a coupon for a free, kid-sized ice cream, and are encouraged to come during their featured month.  The winners with descriptions are listed below:

May – “Boreo” created by Mrs. Harley’s students Sonia Spencer, Briana Herrera, and Oliver Baxley.  The flavor is Oreo and banana, and Rocket Science may add peanut butter to give the texture some lift!

June – “Blue Lemon” created by Mr. Layne’s students Matt Cork, Josh Carpenter, Esdras Castro-Valenzuela, and Andrea Diaz.  The flavor is blue raspberry with a kick of lemon.  It even has pudding in the mix!

July – “Cotton Candy” created by Mrs. Harley’s students Alexis Herrera, Lauren Grant, and Brandon Diaz-Segovia.  The flavor is just like the name, without the sticky-finger mess!

August – “Watermelon Explosion” created by Mrs. Harley’s students Maurice Ochoa, Cristian Jimenez, and Jimena Lara.  The flavor they originally created was VERY tart, so changes will be made to decrease the tartness, and keep the summer flavor!

New Tech teachers, Teresa Harley and Shanon Layne