GHS Year of Goodness

Below you will find a list of the things GHS has done for the Year of Goodness thus far. The photos are from their recent trip to Goshen Hospital.

  1. Painted donated barrels and converted them to recycling containers (with a donation of lids from Coca-Cola) to be used in the GHS cafeteria and near the gyms for athletic events.
  2. Purchased 30 stockings and filled 12 of them with baby toys, candy, puzzle books, pencils, a pencil sharpener and a small gift card to Toys R Us. The other 18 stockings had the same items as the baby stockings, just no baby toys and their gift card was to a local restaurant. On Sunday, December 17th we delivered the stockings to Goshen Hospital.
  3. This week, we donated around $300 toward a NIPSCO bill for a local family in need.
  4. We also donated $200 to the GHS Child Care Center for new toys.



And, they still have at least more one thing planned for this spring! Great job, GHS!!