GHS Senior José Chiquito Honored by Goshen College

Recently, GHS senior José Chiquito was honored by Goshen College, and awarded the Intercultural Community Engagement Award. Below are excerpts from the award notification:


I wanted to contact you to let you know that the Intercultural Team at Goshen College has awarded you the Intercultural Community Engagement Award. This new award is given to individuals who have shown dedication and commitment to actively partner with community organizations, government agencies, advocacy groups, and others to make Goshen a stronger community.

Your dedication and commitment to serving children at the Boys and Girls Club, leading the Juntos con Orgullo school club, organizing community picnics and neighborhood gardens, inviting Latinos to join your neighborhood association, assisting one of the mayoral candidates with their Get out the Vote campaign, and many other activities show you are a worthy recipient of the Intercultural Community Engagement award. At Goshen College we value your leadership and are pleased to recognize you for all that you do in our community. Thank you!


Congratulations, and thanks for all that you do for Goshen! We are a stronger community because of your leadership.

Goshen College Intercultural Team


Gilberto Pérez Jr., Senior Director for Intercultural Development and Educational Partnerships

Rocio Diaz, Coordinator for Intercultural Community Engagement

Chris Kennel, Administrative Assistant

Richard Aguirre, Director of Corporate and Foundations Relations


Goshen Community Schools would also like to thank José. Goshen High School knows José as a great student leader, but it is wonderful to have his talent and commitment to our community recognized by others as well. Congratulations, José Chiquito!