GHS at Rokerthon!

2015-11-10 12.53.00

We got there on time and got out the drums.

2015-11-10 13.03.41

And then we found out Mr. Roker was running behind schedule.

2015-11-10 13.48.35-3

We got pizza, and then the students entertained themselves.

2015-11-10 14.14.34-2

The drum line practiced.

2015-11-10 14.14.56

The boys played Euchre on their phones.

2015-11-10 14.15.04-1

These two girls took a little rest.

2015-11-10 14.18.40

Dr. Younghans supervised the drum line.

2015-11-10 15.36.59-1

GTV got the cameras ready.

2015-11-10 15.48.34-1

And then the plane arrived!

2015-11-10 15.59.16-1

WNDU’s Mike Hoffman got to interview Mr. Roker first, and then made sure that the GTV students got to interview Mr. Roker as well. What a great day! Thank you Mr. Roker, Mr. Hoffman, Goshen Municipal airport, and GHS students and staff!