GCS “Green Team” Announces District-Wide Recycling

January 4, 2016, was a special day for the Green Team of GCS. We celebrated the initiation of the district-wide recycling program. Although there has been recycling at GHS for some years, other campuses have been left to throw everything in the trash or come up with their own way to recycle. There had not been a consistent method for billing, and the bills were being paid out of various pockets. Some teachers even took it upon themselves to take recycling home with them each week.

The GCS Green Team made a goal this year to have a consistent, sustainable method to provide recycling for each school site. After researching providers, completing a feasibility study, and working with the logistics of space and budget constraints, the goal was achieved. For some schools, this means that they received a group of 96 gallon recycling carts. Other schools, who already had recycling in place, were seeking a more long-term budgeting solution to cover the cost. Bringing every building under the General Fund expenditure brought the district-wide recycling program to fruition.

Students will now have access to these bins to provide “hands on learning” when studying about recycling and civil responsibility.   It is our hope that this district-wide “culture shift” in our schools will also affect students on a personal level as they share their knowledge about recycling with their families.