Feb. 8 School Board Recognition

Student recognition and Presentations:

GHS tennis double partners, senior Luke Rush and junior Logan Troyer, were honored by the board after they qualified as state finalists in the fall season.

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Principal Tracey Noe and Counselor Marge Gingerich introduced the following Prairie View students, who talked about their newly developed student leadership team: Isaac Stahly, Paige Brown, Lukas Rosario, Jenni Olvera-Morgado, Jonathon Flores, Delaney Ford, Ethan Rauch, Natalie May, Isaac Rodrigues, Marcus Castaneda, Haylee Evans, Kylee Brown, Janiece Herrera, and Ezra Berg. Many of the students were participants in the CLASS leadership summit over the summer. The students performed a song that they learned while attending the CLASS summit. To date, their major projects have included Spirit Week activities and a holiday food drive, which benefited over 90 Prairie View families.

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Principal Lynne Peters introduced the following Model students, who spoke about a proposal for their playground: Andrea Davila Aguilar, Noah Schmidt, Will Hershberger, Esdras Castro-Valenzuela, and Briza Tayagua-Delgado. The model 5th grade classes have been working on this project/proposal as part of their transition to project based learning and New Tech; their project is the Gaga Ball Project. Since they first saw a Gaga Ball pit at camp, they have reportedly dreamed about having their own Gaga Ball Pit at Model. One of the students stated that “Gaga ball is a game for running and moving fast, and it’s good for you because it gets your heart moving”. The 5th grade teachers guided the students, implementing various state instructional standards. The students started by asking themselves: What would we need to know in order to get a Gaga Ball pit? They formed a committee to work on the project. Some of their favorite things about working on the project included: “partner and group work, using computers to research, and doing interviews”. Currently, the students are trying to determine the right placement for the pit on their playground, and they are looking at possible drainage systems for the pit. They have completed the estimate for the cost of materials, and are now considering ways to raise the money for the project.

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