Energy Conservation at GCS

The purpose of the energy conservation program at Goshen Community Schools is to save the corporation money on utility bills—money that can then be used for educational needs. Since the beginning of the energy program in July of 2009, GCS has avoided a total of $2,685,248.00 in anticipated utility expenses. This represents a total savings of 25.8%!!

GCS Cumulative Greenhouse Gas Reduction/Energy Reduction Impact:

  • 112,165 MMBTU
  • 17,891 equivalent metric tons of CO2

Equivalent to:

  • 3,727 Passenger cars not driven for one year.
  • 458,756 Tree seedlings grown for 10 years.

Thank you to all of the GCS staff members who work mindfully to conserve energy for a better planet, and to preserve more funding for educational purposes!