Chandler-WSBT Reading Challenge

Mrs. Robina Sommers’ 4th grade class came in second out of 283 classrooms that registered for the WSBT “I Love to Read Challenge.” The class read around 56,000 minutes during the month of February, keeping track of their minutes at home. They were honored at the WSBT celebration in the St. Joseph County Public Library in downtown South Bend.

In addition, Mrs. Sommers noted that their class won the Grade 3 and up award for the most minutes read. After participating in the “I Love to Read Challenge” with her classes for twenty years, this is the first time that one of her classes has won!

Top readers for their class included:

Abigail Siegrist, 5,072 minutes

Rachel Schrock, 3,727 minutes

Kaydence Dumka, 2,890 minutes

Lillian Metekai, 2,605 minutes

Calvin Strader, 2,515 minutes

Lincoln Fisher, 2,410 minutes

Zackary Garcia, 2,395 minutes

Alyssa Campanello, 2,374 minutes

Isaias Lopez and Ethan Holdeman, 2,190 minutes

Thank you Mrs. Sommers, for teaching a love of reading; thank you parents, for encouraging your children to read and recording their minutes; and thank you students, for your commitment to reading!