Chandler Spell Bowl Wins Regional Contest!

The Chandler Spell Bowl team recently won the regional contest, which included 6th graders on some of the teams. Chandler also found out that they came in 17th in the State in their division! This is the highest the Chandler students have ever achieved!

The children on the team are:

4th graders

  1. Jared Martin – near perfect score 6/7
  2. Jordy Miller – perfect score 7/7
  3. Selah Miller
  4. Isaac Moore – near perfect score 6/7
  5. Jazlyn Nafziger

5th graders

  1. Nathan Corbin – near perfect score 6/7
  2. Sarina Metekai – perfect score 7/7
  3. Brady Park
  4. Mason Pearson
  5. Levi Sawatzky

Congratulations, Chandler students!