Boys & Girls Club of Goshen “Teacher of the Month”

This year, the Boys and Girls Club of Goshen started a “Teacher of the Month” program. They invite their students to nominate one of their teachers by submitting short essays about why they feel that their teacher “deserves special recognition as the Boys & Girls Club of Goshen Teacher of the Month”.

The first nomination of the school year, as selected by the education staff at the club, went to West Goshen 5th grader Rosie Herrera. Rosie nominated her classroom teacher, Mrs. Carrie Markham.

This morning, staff from the Boys & Girls Club and administrators from West Goshen helped Rosie surprise her teacher with her recognition as Teacher of the Month.

As part of the presentation, Rosie read her nomination to those in attendance: My teacher should be Teacher of the Month because she is generous and smart. She challenges us to push ourselves. If we don’t do something right, she explains it to us so we understand it. She should also be Teacher of the Month because she has a little store and fake money. We buy stuff with our earned money. She has candy, headphones, and popcorn, and more stuff. She is really pretty too. These are the reasons my teacher Mrs. Markham should be Teacher of the Month.

Mrs. Markham was presented with a certificate from the club, and Brew Bucks from the Electric Brew in Goshen, who has partnered with the Boys & Girls Club to support students and teachers.

Mrs. Markham was just a little tearful at the sweet surprise, but they were definitely happy tears.

Thank you to the Boys & Girls Club of Goshen for encouraging writing skills through showing kindness and appreciation; thank you to Rosie for nominating her teacher; thank you to the Electric Brew for sponsoring this initiative; and thank you to Mrs. Markham who is making a positive impact on students’ lives every day.