Board Recognitions 9-8-14

At the board meeting on Monday night, Mrs. Ummel introduced students who were there to be honored and congratulated upon earning perfect scores on the ISTEP test.  Elementary students were: Manith Kamalakanth, Francisco Behan-Morillo, Anthony Graybill, and Lleyton Weddell in Math; and Alexia Potter in English/LA and Science. Goshen Middle School students were Ryan Harmelink, Kathryn Herschberger, MacKenzie Edmonds, and Philip Wertz in math; Gabriel Goertz in English/LA; and Benjamin Wengerd in Science.  One Goshen High School student, Dirk Oyer, also earned a perfect score on the Language Arts portion of the ECA.



West Goshen teacher, Melissa Rider, was also recognized for her efforts in making summer school learning relevant for her students.  Ms. Rider asked her students to write to community and government leaders regarding issues that were important to them.  Some of them wrote to President Obama, and much to their surprise, he answered their letter; encouraging them in their educational pursuits.  Students involved in the writing project were Jose Sanchez, Michelle Juarez, Amaya Castillo-Perez, Daniel Perez Garcia, Nelley Robles, Paulina Munoz, Larissa Montoya Rodriguez, and Charlie Gonzalez.

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