Inside Out/Dreamers

(The information below offers a unique opportunity. We understand that school is in session during most of the hours for this event, but are providing the information for those who may be interested, and are available during the day.)

The Inside Out/ Dreamers bus tour is coming to South Bend on Friday, November 3 to celebrate America’s DREAMers and rally our community to support the DREAM Act. Inside Out/ Dreamers is a nationwide participatory art initiative (the Inside Out Project), launched by award-winning artist JR to create a portrait of America that includes immigrants and the descendants of immigrants alike. We would love for you to invite your organizations and community members to this event and show their support for Dreamers.

Here’s how it works: The “Inside Out/Dreamers” photobooth trucks are traveling around the country to highlight and uplift DREAMers. On Friday, November 3 they will bring a photobooth truck into South Bend to give everyone an opportunity to take their pictures and transform their personal identity into works of public art. These photos will be instantly printed and included in a series of high visible art installations featuring a group of large-scale black and white portraits, creating a portrait of America!

Additionally, alongside this installation, the Emerson Collective will organize media availabilities and group action with community leaders to showcase the art, bring people together and urge support of the Dream Act. We will have more details about the press soon!

Please join us to have your picture taken and learn more about how you can be part of a movement to help our DREAMers. Bring along your family, friends and co-workers! Information, below:

Location: University of Indiana South Bend Administration Building (parking lot) 1700 Mishawaka Ave. South Bend, IN 46615

Date: Friday, November 3, 2017

Time: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Learn more about Inside Out/Dreamers here – and use the hashtag #IOPDreamers. We’re really excited to be able to join hundreds of groups across America for this important mass action in support of DREAMers.

Results of Competition to Collect Plastic Bags

From Chandler Principal, Cheryl Williams:

I want to let everyone (including students) know how proud I am of your efforts to help the Window.  Model and Chandler have collected an amazing amount of bags. The clear winner is the Window!!!!  The next winner is Goshen Schools for having 2 outstanding elementary buildings who poured their heart into this effort.  With this challenge, we both are winners!  However….Chandler did collect more bags!!!!!! WE WON THE CHALLENGE!!!! We brought in 24,230 bags!!  That is AMAZING!  Great job!!!

As a reminder, this was the purpose behind collecting the bags: The bags will be donated to the Window in Goshen. They fill the bags with food and supplies for families in need and go through about 200 a day.

Thank you to the industrious students at Chandler and Model for helping out The Window and all of the people they support!

GHS Academic All-State

The following students earned Academic All-State honors for the fall athletic season:

Girls Golf:  Olivia Thomas

Boys Tennis:  GHS Team Distinction, and Simon Myers

Boys Cross Country:  Jason Barahona Rosales, Ben Good-Elliott, Felix Perez Diener, and Jonathon Snyder. Honorable Mention:  Gabriel Hartzler, Bryan Olvera, and Chris Sanchez

Girls Cross Country:  Elena Meyer-Reimer.  Honorable Mention: Mansoorah Kermani

Boys Soccer:  Lucas Bontreger

Girls Soccer:  Hannah Kurtz and Jillian Kissinger

(Volleyball and Football honors are still to be determined.)

Congratulations to these GHS student athletes!

It Takes A Village

The following message was sent from a GHS teacher/GMS parent to the GCS Food Service Director:

I had to send a message to you about an outstanding GMS cafeteria worker. I have an 8th grade son who often speaks about a cafeteria worker named Stephanie who always gives him and his friends high fives and always asks them about how things are going in school and out of school. It was obvious to me that she goes above and beyond to make middle schoolers feel welcome and appreciated during lunch. However, last night she took that up a level. She found out that the boys were playing a basketball game at Westside and drove to Elkhart to watch them play last night. She even stayed after the game (which we lost) to give them high fives before they boarded the bus.

I’m sorry I don’t know her last name but I wanted to make sure that you knew how much all of the parents really appreciated her supporting our boys last night. It truly means a lot that she took the time out of her evening to watch an 8th grade basketball game. It takes a village to raise a child and I’m happy she’s in our “village”.

Tina Schmucker

The GMS cafeteria worker referenced above is Stephanie Copenhaver.

Greg Beachey, Food Service Director, responded to Mrs. Schmucker with this, “Thank you so much for letting us know. We think Stephanie is an awesome person as well, and are very happy she is part of our team. We are very proud of our food service team at GMS, but it really helps to hear it from a student and parent.”

Thank you to Stephanie and the whole GMS food service team for making your cafeteria such a welcoming place!

Congratulations Crimson Marching Band on a Great Season!

The Crimson Marching Band concluded their season last Saturday at the ISSMA Semi-State competition in Indianapolis. According to GHS Principal Barry Younghans who attended the competition, “They were outstanding. They gave a great performance!”

Due to a small issue with the band’s computer equipment, however, they went 10 seconds over the allotted 10 minute time frame, and were penalized several points. Without the penalty, Goshen would have been headed to state competition. It is surely a disappointment for the students and staff who have put so much time into the season, but it does not take away from their performances, what they have learned, or the memories they have made.

Later in the weekend, Tom Cox sent this message to his students: Congratulations to all of the members of the Crimson Marching Band for an amazing performance at ISSMA Semi-State yesterday! We are so proud of you! Remember that a point total does not define who you are or diminish the amazing music and memories that we made! We did it! Best of luck to all bands moving on to State Finals!!!
Thank you to directors Tom Cox and Josh Kaufman for showing our students how to handle disappointment with grace. There are many lessons one can learn from being in an ensemble as large as the marching band, but this is an important one. In life, there will always be disappointments, but what a person does in those situations says a lot about his/her character. As teachers and directors, you have provided your students with an excellent example, and some pretty fantastic experiences as well.

Also, thank you to Brian Sapp (and others), who took amazing pictures of the band and guard throughout the season. The following is just a sample:

The Semi-State show.

Below: The sections encourage each other before their performance. We are struck by the closeness and friendships that appear to have been formed in this ensemble over the months of working and sweating and marching and playing together. This is one of those activities where everyone must work together in order to create a great performance. Let’s just acknowledge that this group did it, and this group ROCKS!



The drum majors, encouraging their band with words, high fives, and fist bumps. They are the leaders and they handle their responsibility well.

The parents. Oh my goodness, the parents! Crimson Marching Band could not do what they do without parents to help move props, provide and set up meals, build props, and transport students back and forth to practices. GCS and GHS appreciate you!

More from the Semi-State show.

Crimson Band and Guard, congratulations on your fantastic year! You have made GCS proud and you have represented the community of Goshen in an outstanding manner. Well done!



GHS Pumpkin Drop

On Tuesday, October 31st, 2017 the GHS Engineering/Technology Department hosted the ninth annual Pumpkin Drop at Goshen High School.

Engineering classes from GHS and Fairfield competed to see who could successfully build a vehicle capable of sustaining a 50 foot fall, protecting their passenger (a pumpkin) from injury. The rules and goal of the assignment are below. The Goshen Fire department provided a ladder truck to achieve the 50’ drop height and a championship round 102’ drop height. There were 20 teams of students competing – 12 teams from Goshen and 8 teams from Fairfield.

Surviving the 50’ drop were 6 teams from Goshen and 1 team from Fairfield. Those 7 teams then proceeded to the next round which was the 102’ drop. None of Fairfield’s teams survived that round, while Goshen had 4 of their 6 finalist teams survive.

Loading the enclosures with the pumpkins inside.

Dropping the enclosure (this is from 50′).

Checking to see if the pumpkin survived.

The names of the 102’ drop winning team members are included below:

  • Jillian Kissinger, Brockton Yoder, Steven Worlds & Autumn Bowers
  • Diego Garcia, Diego Torrejon, Deshawn Brown, & Nate Olvera
  • Connor Brandenberger, Ryan Dubois, Jordan Horn & Josh Haimes
  • Jason Holmes, Tyler Chalk & Benjamin Nichols


The goal of the pumpkin drop competition is to design an enclosure or apparatus to protect a pumpkin from damage when dropped from the bucket of a fire truck 50 feet high. Entries that survive the 50 foot fall will then be dropped from the maximum height of 80-100 feet.


  • Pumpkin must be at least 10 inches in diameter or larger and must be orange in color.
  • Pumpkin and protective structure weight is limited to 50 pounds.
  • The pumpkin container can have dimensions no greater than 20x20x30 inches.
  • The inside of the pumpkin may not be altered. (no freezing or adding chemicals)
  • Pumpkins must free fall (no bungee cords).
  • No Styrofoam peanuts or other small non-biodegradable packing fillers are allowed.
  • No hard materials: no wood, metal, PVC pipe or glass is allowed for the exterior of the container. Soft garbage cans are acceptable.
  • No liquids are allowed.
  • No electrical sources are allowed.
  • Package must be designed so that the pumpkin can be removed by the ground crew within 30 seconds after hitting the ground.
  • Protective structure around the pumpkin must be designed with public safety and cleanup in mind. Pumpkin enclosures that might splatter fragments or liquids toward the viewing audience are not allowed.
  • Any entries that employ parachutes must be designed so that the parachute is dropped at the same time as the pumpkin or prior to the pumpkin, NOT after.
  • The judges will have the final say on whether entries are viewed as safe to be dropped. Judges will disqualify entries with heavy, sharp, and/or protruding metal parts. All decisions by judges are final.
  • To keep the drops moving efficiently, someone from the team MUST remain with the pumpkin at all times.

Ed Ernstes from WBST News was there to cover the Pumpkin Drop. He will air the story at around 6:15-6:20 this evening on WSBT News.

Thank you to Jen Yoder, Industrial Technology teacher, who coordinated the logistics of the Pumpkin Drop, and to the City of Goshen for the use of the fire truck and the cooperation of the firefighters. What a great opportunity for students to put their design ideas to the test!

GHS Miles for Music-Saturday, November 11

Pancake & Sausage breakfast and 5K run & 3K walk

Saturday, November 11, 8:00-11:00 a.m., GHS Cafeteria

All-you-can-eat pancakes and sausage are yours for only $6! Or get a complimentary breakfast when you register for the run/walk.

The 5K run and 3K walk begin at 9:00 a.m. at Goshen High School. Registration Early Bird Special $20 (through November 10). Regular price is $25 (day of the event). Bring cash or a check payable to “GHS Music Council.” All runners and walkers get a complimentary pancake breakfast after finishing the race.  

You may register for the race by clicking on this link:


  1. Check-in will take place in the main lobby (Door “M”) of Goshen High School starting at 8:00 a.m. Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the race. There are free t-shirts available for runners/walkers, but supplies are limited.
  2. The run/walk starts across from GHS in the bus parking area, near the intersection of Lincolnway and Monroe. Participants start in the sidewalk along Monroe, proceed along portions of the Abshire Park Trail & Pumpkinvine Nature Trail toward Abshire Park, and loop back around to finish the race on the sidewalk along Monroe. Approximate routes available here (red = 5K Run, blue = 3K Walk).
  3. After the event, return to the cafeteria for breakfast, awards, and door prize raffle drawings!

Please Note: The event will not be canceled due to inclement weather.

All proceeds go the Goshen High School Music Department for student scholarships.

If you have questions, you may call the GHS Music Office at 574-533-8651, ext. 2518.

NLC Honors for Soccer & Volleyball

The boys soccer team, who were NLC champions, Sectional champions, Regional champions, and Semi-State Runner-ups, placed six athletes on the NLC first team. They included: Seniors Junior Argueta, Lucas Bontreger, Manuel Castillo, Flavio Cruz, Marcos Hernandez, and Alex Martinez.

Junior Argueta

Lucas Bontreger

Manny Castillo

Flavio Cruz

Marcos Hernandez

Alex Martinez

Earning Honorable Mention were senior Chris Garcia and junior Sergio Gonzalez.

Chris Garcia

Sergio Gonzalez

The team finished the year at 17-4, 6-1 in the NLC.

Sectional Champs

Regional Champs

The girls soccer team placed two players on the NLC first team: Senior Jill Kissinger and junior Aniya Hartzler.

Jill Kissinger

Aniya Hartzler

Earning Honorable Mention status were juniors Maggie Gallagher and Alexa Medina.

Maggie Gallagher

Alexa Medina

The girls team finished 5-2 in the NLC.

The volleyball team had one player earn NLC honors, Raina Shreiner Barger, who was selected for the Honorable Mention team.

Raina Shreiner Barger

Congratulations to these student athletes who represented their school and the Goshen community with excellence!

(Photos courtesy of photographer Branden Beachy)

10-23-17 Board Recognition

Staff recognition:

GMS Master Teacher Liz Martin was recognized after she was named to the 2017-18 National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET) Educator Advisory Board. Ms. Martin is one of only eleven educators chosen from across the country.

GHS art teacher Tom Zuber was honored after he captured two 2017 American Art Awards. He won 1st place in Abstract Expressionism and tied for 6th place in Cubism, in a competition that featured artists from around the globe. Tom said that it was a privilege to be able to share the award with his students, noting that “It is good for them to see a working artist, living the dream”.

Gaby Tovar, GHS Parent Liaison, was recognized for her work in organizing and coordinating interpreters for the GHS Parent/Teacher conferences. Ms. Tovar got the interpreters matching shirts so that they were easily identifiable to parents, and also developed a new system for the teachers that made it easier for them to access the translators. Ms. Tovar was recognized in absentia, because she is continuing her education and needed to attend an evening class. She did, however, send her thanks to the board for the acknowledgement of her efforts.


Crimsonaires Fall Preview

Last night was the Fall Preview Concert for the GHS Crimsonaires. It was Katie Miller O’Leary’s first year as the solo director of the group; the first year since the retirement of long-time Crimsonaires director Marcia Yost. But Katie’s three years as a singer in the Crimsonaires and one year as co-director clearly had her prepared. She guided the students (many of whom are brand new to the group) through their first concert of the year with apparent ease. She acknowledged that “it takes a village” and thanked the many staff members and parents who have helped the Crimsonaires get the year off to a good start.

Below are a few pictures from the concert, courtesy of photographer Branden Beachy.


Plastic Bag Collection (and Competition!)

Model Elementary School Principal, Tami Hicks, took to Facebook on October 24th to encourage friends and community members to help Model’s 1st grade class collect plastic bags for The Window of Goshen.

Here is Ms. Hicks’ Facebook post: Model first grade has challenged Chandler in a competition to see which school can collect the most RECYCLED plastic BAGS. It all starts tomorrow (October 25th)!!! Apparently the winning school chooses what happens to the “losing” principal. We are thinking about what to “do” to Mrs. Williams. Clearly, Model will win. The bags will be donated to the Window in Goshen. They fill the bags with food and supplies for families in need and go through about 200 a day. Last year Model collected a LOT! Have plastic bags collecting in a closet somewhere? Feel free to mail them to 412 Greene Road Goshen, Indiana 46526. In the area? Drop them off! They have to be received by next Wednesday (November 1st). Challenge begins tomorrow (October 25th)!!!

Ms. Hicks and the Model 1st grade teachers are obviously making this a fun event for their students, and Mrs. Cheryl Williams, the Chandler principal, has jumped into the competition with an equally fun and giving spirit!

Can you help Model and/or Chandler collect plastic bags for The Window? If you have some to donate, you can drop them off any time at

Chandler (419 S. 8th St. Goshen) or

Model (412 S. Greene Rd. Goshen).

Good luck to both schools, and thank you to the students and families who are collecting bags to donate to The Window!

GCS Foundation Community Trivia Night

The GCS Foundation held their 5th annual Community Trivia Night fundraiser on October 24th at the Peddlers Village Event Center, and all indications are that the fundraiser was once again a huge success! Everyone had a good time, and in the process they raised approximately $8,000 for the foundation.

The Goshen Community Schools Foundation is a privately funded educational grant program that strives to improve the innovation and creative experiences for the students of Goshen Community Schools. Founded in 2008 by several Goshen Schools alumni, the Foundation has been able to raise more than $83,000 towards this effort. The foundation encourages anyone to “join us in this quest to assist our area students and teachers.”

There were 40 teams entered in the event, made up of educators, business leaders, and community members. There were many awards given at the end of the evening, including: The Top Overall Team; Team Spirit; Top Corporate Team, Top Community Team, Top School Team, and Enrichment Team. Prizes were sponsored by Goshen Brewing Company, Linway Cinemas, Southside Soda Shop, The Nut Shoppe, the GHS Red Zone, Maplecrest Insurance, and Peddlers Event Center.

Pictured below are just a few of the school teams.

Chandler, looking a little festive for the evening!

GMS, just a little more focused and serious about the event.

West Goshen, excited and clearly going for the spirit award!

The stated goal of the foundation is “To identify educational projects that we can turn from a dream into a reality that will profoundly impact students in the Goshen community today and tomorrow”. Some of the projects they have sponsored thus far are: IB Experience Retreat for GMS students at Ball State, Lego Robotics supplies for Chandler, 3-D printer for GHS & GMS technology, Minds in Motion at elementary schools (with United Way), GMS Academic Superbowl materials, GHS Athletics & Music programs, GCS Orchestra 100th Anniversary Original Composition, GHS Super Mileage program, Guitarion for GMS Mariachi Strings program, and Business & Personal finance software for GHS.

Sponsors for the event (many of whom sponsored groups of teachers who represented their schools) included: Barton-Coe-Vilamaa, Fabric Services, Robert Weed Plywood, Bruce and Barbara Stahly, Goshen Rotary, Indiana Wood Products, Interra Credit Union, Kruggel Lawton CPAs, Miller Poultry, Sorg Dodge, and Yoder, Ainlay, Ulmer & Buckingham.

On behalf of the students and staff members who benefit from the GCS foundation grants, we offer a huge THANK YOU to all of the event sponsors!

GMS Counselor Named Indiana Exemplary Middle School Counselor of the Year

At the upcoming Indiana School Counselor Association (ISCA) conference on Friday, November 3, 2017 GMS School Counselor Jan Desmarais-Morse will receive the award for the 2017 Indiana Exemplary Middle School Counselor of the Year (SCOY).

Jan was nominated by a fellow counselor from Oak Hill Elementary School in Lowell, Indiana.  She had to complete an extensive application that included four essay questions regarding school counseling advocacy, use of data, professional development, and collaboration with key stakeholders. She also had to provide three program goals from last year and provide data to show how she addressed those goals with students. In addition, Jan provided an updated resume, along with three letters of recommendation from a direct supervisor, a colleague, and a parent or student (in Jan’s case, the letter was provided by a former student).

Along with the award for exemplary middle school counselor, the ISCA also selects an exemplary high school and exemplary elementary school counselor.  In April/May 2018, the selection committee will choose one of the three to represent the state organization at the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) counselor of the year celebration in Washington, D.C. to be held in late 2018/early 2019 along with other state representatives from across the United States.  Since 2014, Michelle Obama has supported the efforts of school counselors and has been working in conjunction with ASCA to promote the role of school counselors in college and career readiness and has met with the state SCOY award winners. Her support continues to shine a light on school counselors’ work with students.

Ms. Desmarais-Morse will receive her award on Friday, November 3, 2017, during the Awards Luncheon  (12:35pm – 2:05 pm) at the Marriott East Hotel in Indianapolis.

From the ISCA:

Your hard work, dedication, and support of professional school counselors in Indiana will be acknowledged at the 2017 Fall ISCA Conference.

Students in our Hoosier State have benefited from your endeavors, and this is ISCA’s way of saying, “Thank you.” Thank you for being an Exemplary Middle School Counselor who demonstrates that school counselors truly are superheroes for their students!

Congratulations Jan Desmarais-Morse! Exemplary Middle School School Counselor of the Year for 2017.



GMS Master Teacher Appointed to Educator Advisory Board

NIET Appoints 2017-18 Educator Advisory Board Members

Leaders to offer diverse on-the-ground expertise in advancing educator effectiveness

Santa Monica, CA—The National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET) has appointed 11 educators and district leaders to its Educator Advisory Board for the 2017-18 year. The members will bring experience from a variety of education settings in urban, rural and suburban areas.

During the year, members will assist NIET with its ongoing mission to advance educator effectiveness through policy, research and service. Activities will include providing input on NIET’s technologies and developments—from K-12 to higher education—participating in conferences, and engaging with NIET staff on the most important issues facing the education community today.

“Collaborating with leaders at all levels has been critical in our work to advance educator effectiveness,” said NIET CEO Dr. Gary Stark. “Every board member has made significant progress strengthening instruction and student learning. I look forward to their contributions, and am confident these relationships will enhance our efforts to accommodate the needs of our partners across the country.”

For nearly 20 years, NIET has been a pioneer in developing comprehensive systems for teacher leadership, professional development, evaluation and compensation. The public nonprofit partners with schools, districts, states, and most recently, has joined forces with universities to ensure that educators are prepared on day one.

The 2017-18 NIET Educator Advisory Board Members are:

Cade Brumley
DeSoto Parish Schools, Louisiana

Vickie Carpenter
Assistant Superintendent
Perry Township Schools, Indiana

Danijela Duvnjak
Director of Teaching and Learning
Hmong College Preparatory Academy, Minnesota

Betsy Hargrove
Avondale Elementary School District #44, Arizona

Saul Hinojosa
Somerset Independent School District, Texas

Latatia Johnson
Instructional Supervisor
Ascension Public Schools, Louisiana

Pat Lewis
Deputy Superintendent of Innovation and School Improvement
Grand Prairie Independent School District, Texas

Traci Lust
TAP Executive Master Teacher and Elementary Master Teacher
Saydel Community School District, Iowa

Liz Martin
TAP Master Teacher
Goshen Community Schools, Indiana

Mindy Searcy
Cross County School District, Arkansas

Lee Wilkerson
Director of Schools
Manchester City Schools, Tennessee

Congratulations to GMS Master Teacher Liz Martin!


GHS Boys Soccer-Headed to Semi-State

The Goshen boys soccer team put a little scare into the hearts of their fans on Monday night in the regional championship game at Merrillville, when they gave up two goals within the first 15 minutes of the game. But the boys regrouped, showed their mental toughness, and battled back to win the game 4-2, thrilling all of the Goshen fans in attendance (and those following on Twitter and Facebook at home).

Below, two of the goals:

Below, the grins that matched their great win:

The team will play #1 ranked Lafayette Harrison in Semi-State action on Saturday, October 21 at 5:00 p.m. at Kokomo High School.

A huge thank you to the boys for their great display of RedHawk resilience and to the students, parents, and fans who supported them. We hope to see all of you again (and more!) in Kokomo on Saturday.

GO BIG RED! Puro Goshen.

(Credit for photography goes to Branden Beachy)

Boys Cross Country-Headed to Semi-State

Congratulations to the boys cross country team, who placed 4th at Regionals on Saturday, October 14th (even higher than their finish at Sectionals!). The boys advance to semi-state on Saturday, October 21st at IPFW  at 1 p.m. 

Good luck, RedHawks!

(Credit for photography goes to Branden Beachy)

Upcoming GCS Public Meetings

Goshen Community Schools will be hosting three public meetings to further explain the Strategic Planning Facilities Committee recommendation to the school board. Their recommendation was to proceed with building a new 5-8 Intermediate School on the school-owned property at SR 119 and Greene Road, and to convert the current Goshen Middle School to a 5-8 Intermediate School as well.

Please plan to attend one of the meetings listed below to learn more about the rationale that led to this recommendation and to give your input. There will be table group discussions held following the presentation in order to receive feedback from the public.

Meetings will be held at these locations and times:

Thursday, November 16, at 7:00 p.m. at the Model Cafeteria

Monday, December 4, at 7:00 p.m. at the Goshen High School Cafeteria

Tuesday, December 12, at 6:00 p.m. at the Goshen Middle School Cafeteria


La Corporación Escolar de Goshen llevará a cabo tres reuniones públicas para explicar más a fondo la sugerencia del comité de instalaciones de planeación estratégica a la mesa directiva. Su sugerencia fue la de proseguir con la construcción de una nueva escuela intermedia de 5º a 8º grado, en la propiedad escolar ubicada en SR 119 y Greene Road, y, de asimismo, convertir la actual secundaria Goshen Middle School en una escuela intermedia de 5º a 8º grado.

Por favor, asista a una de las reuniones enlistadas a continuación para enterarse mejor sobre el fundamento que condujo a dicha sugerencia y para dar sus sugerencias. Habrá una mesa redonda después de la presentación para poder recibir las sugerencias del público.

Las reuniones se llevarán a cabo en las siguientes locaciones y horarios:

Jueves, 16 de noviembre, a las 7 p.m. en la cafetería de Model

Lunes, 4 de diciembre, a las 7 p.m. en la cafetería de Goshen High School

Martes, 12 de diciembre, a las 6 p.m. en la cafetería de Goshen Middle School


Parkside Study Trip to Brookins Ranch

All of the Parkside 4th grade students recently took a study trip to the Brookins Ranch in New Paris, IN for Native American activities.

The first pictures are of students and Parkside teacher John Moyer, who was in charge of the Mound Builder competition. A mound builder is described as “a member of one of the various American Indian tribes who, in prehistoric and early historic times, erected the burial mounds and other earthworks of the Mississippi drainage basin and southeastern U.S.”

Pictured below, the students are making “pemmican”. Pemmican is packed with calories and nutrition and is able to be packed and stored for long periods. Pemmican is often called the ultimate survival food. Created by Native Americans and adopted by European explorers of the New World, pemmican is a concentrated blend of fat and protein from lean, dried meat. The word “pemmican” is derived from the Cree root word “pimi” for “fat” or “grease.” Traditionally, the meats used in pemmican included bison, moose, deer and elk, but beef can be used as well.

In the pictures below, the students were grinding corn into meal. After they were done grinding the corn, the students ate corn muffins.

Next, the students got to be “hands on” with deer skin, beaver felt hats, fur capes, and beaver pelts. They learned that Native Americans were some of the most resourceful people in the world. They hunted buffalo, and used their hides and bones to make almost everything they needed, from clothes to buildings.


The students played Native American games,

they made crafts,

and they got to see horses. “It is generally agreed by historians that the Spanish brought the horse to the new world in the 1500s. Indians of that era had never seen horses and to them the horse and rider team were a godlike being. In time, with the spread of the horse and the Spanish ranchos, the Indian did acquire this “Big Dog” or “God Dog” for their own. The acquisition of the horse completely changed the Plains Indians’ way of life, transforming them from plodding pedestrians to nomadic hunters and warriors.”

It looks like the students had a great day, and learned a great deal about Native American culture!

GHS National Merit Commended Scholars

Goshen High School is pleased to announce that they have had five students recognized as National Merit Commended scholars this year! They are: Cade Fisher, Kathryn Herschberger, Greta Klassen, Simon Myers, and Raina Shreiner Barger,

Of the 1.6 million students that took the PSAT nationwide, these GHS students are in the top 34,000!

Congratulations to all of you, well done!!

Boys Soccer: Headed to Regionals

Coach Viratham Mounsithiraj (Coach V to those who know him well) has been around a while. He’s been the boys soccer head coach at Goshen High School for 14 years, accruing a career record of 168-64-28. Included in that total, he has a final four appearance from when soccer was still a single-class sport (2009), and one state title (2014). Coach V’s staff has also been pretty consistent, with Myron Bontreger (GHS Spanish teacher) and Matt Bjorkland (GHS math teacher) both on the staff for the past 10 years, and Rusty Maust Emery (a former GHS soccer player and current GHS math teacher) for 2 years. The RedHawks are 15-3 so far on the season; they are Northern Lakes Conference champions and sectional champions. They are healthy and playing well together, and they are looking to extend their season.

Sectional Champs!

Of the 2014 state champion team, two players remain. They were JV players in 2014, brought up to varsity for the tournament run. They are Alex Martinez, who controls the midfield for the RedHawks, and Lucas Bontreger, who plays forward and has earned the GHS career scoring (53) AND assist (26) records.

Alex Lucas

The state tournament roster includes: #00 sophomore goalkeeper Nehemias Gallegos, #1 junior goalkeeper Juan Muro Medina, #2 sophomore forward/midfielder Kevin Cruz, #3 junior midfielder Saulo Luna, #4 junior defender Sergio Gonzalez, #5 senior defender Chris Garcia, #6 senior defender Flavio Cruz, #7 senior forward Lucas Bontreger, #8 senior midfielder Sebastian Palacios, #9 senior midfielder/forward Anibal Argueta, #10 senior midfielder Alex Martinez, #11 senior midfielder Diego Loera, #12 junior defender Jaiden Daniels, #13 junior midfielder Efren Ortega, #14 freshman midfielder/forward Fernando Quevedo, #15 senior defender Manuel Castillo, #16 freshman defender Cesar Valdez, #17 junior midfielder/forward Ciro Aguilar, #18 sophomore forward Eduardo Rodriguez, #20 sophomore defender Emylio Romo, #21 senior forward/midfielder Marcos Hernandez, and #23 junior midfielder Ricardo Vargas Ortiz.

Many of the boys have been playing soccer together for a number of years. They started out early on as Goshen Youth Soccer Organization (GYSO) players, under the direction of Coach V’s brother, Tavi Mounsithiraj. After that, many of the boys played for the Goshen Stars and other traveling teams under the direction of Myron Bontreger.

The Seniors:

Chris Flavio

Lucas Sebastian

Anibal   Alex

Diego Manny


They start every game by gathering on the field, taking a knee, collecting themselves, yelling “Puro Goshen” and then getting to work. While this Spanish catch phrase is not easily translated, it roughly means “Pure Goshen”, or “Only Goshen”, or the “Best of Goshen”.

We encourage fans to continue to support the team as they take on Penn in Regional action at Merrillville High School Saturday, October 14th at 10:30 a.m. (EST) Merrillville High School is located at 276 E. 68th Pl. Merrillville, IN 46410. The championship game is set for 7:30 p.m., also at Merrillville on Saturday, Oct. 14th. Other teams in the Merrillville regional are Lake Central and Crown Point.

They have had great fan support all season long, cheering them on in both English and Spanish, let’s not stop now!

Let’s GO BIG RED!!! Puro Goshen!

(Photo credit goes solely to Branden Beachy, with much appreciation!!)