GCS Foundation Fundraiser

The Goshen Community Schools Foundation is having a fundraiser to raise funds for grants to supplement our teachers’ classrooms.  GCS elementary students are selling Major Saver Discount Cards now through May 14. Some of the businesses offering discounts are Mancino’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Maple City Market, Universal Tamal, Dairy Queen, El Camino Real, Pride’s Express Car Wash, Goshen Brewing Company, and The Electric Brew.

The cards may be purchased 3 ways:

  1. From a student for $15
  2. On the website, https://www.majorsaver.com/cards/, for $15 plus $1 for processing and handling
  3. Major Saver App that you can use to purchase and not have to keep track of the card.  The cost is $15 and $1 admin fee.

If you purchase from the website or the app you can still give a specific student credit.

More information on the Foundation may be found at https://goshenschoolsfoundation.org/.  This is the same organization that has the annual trivia night in the fall.


Front of Card:

Back of Card:

Thank you for your support of the GCS Foundation and the teachers who will be awarded grants from the proceeds of this fundraiser!

Softball’s Strike Out Cancer Night

The GHS and Wawasee softball teams helped raise more than $3,100 for Cancer Resources for Elkhart County on Friday, April 27th.

Everence® was a sponsor for the Strike Out Cancer night at Shanklin Park. Together, the Goshen and Wawasee teams and fans raised $3,174.00 to benefit Cancer Resources for Elkhart County. They sold T-shirts and pink sugar cookies the night of the game, and passed a helmet to collect for this worthy cause.

Each team had a cancer survivor throw out the first pitch. GHS Assistant Coach Jeryl Miller’s wife Kim was honored to throw out a first pitch, although she said “I didn’t do it very well”. There also a balloon launch before the game, and each team wore pink uniforms, pink ribbons and pink “eye black.” Goshen won the JV game, with Wawasee winning the varsity game in extra innings. It was a fun evening for all!

Pictured below from left, GHS Head Coach Brent Kulp, Kim Miller, the father of a Wawasee player, and Wawasee’s Head Coach.

Thank you, Everence, for helping sponsor this event, and thank you to all in attendance for making the evening a success!



Observant GHS Student Leads to Classroom Enrichment

GHS student Iyla Stoy is a student in one of Cathy DeMeyer’s science classes this semester, and according to Mrs. DeMeyer, she is “very into birds”. Iyla recently noticed that there was a mating pair of Kestrels nesting under the roof of the GCS warehouse. Since spotting the birds, she has used binoculars to get a better look at them. According to Mrs. DeMeyer “Iyla is pretty sure they are nesting, so maybe there will be babies soon.”

Mrs. DeMeyer plans to walk her GHS students over to the warehouse in the next week or so since she does “a birds of prey unit at the end of the school year, and this is too good to pass up….Kestrels are pretty cool and they are a part of the Falcon family”.

The birds will look much like the pictures below.



GMS Student & Teacher Awarded Little BIG Idea Grants

Artists getting busy this spring with flower sculptures, vases, fiber art and murals

There’s going to be so much art that you might not know where to look first.

The latest round of Little BIG Idea Grant winners features art in all sorts of mediums, and in at least a couple of cases, will require you to go out and find them.

In Nappanee, sculptors will be creating large flower-themed pieces to be displayed within garden planters in the city. While Flower Gardens Art in Bloom will be on display starting in May 2018, organizer Jeff Stillson said the pieces will eventually become part of a permanent exhibition in the Nappanee park system called the Art Path.

Meanwhile, in Goshen, Justin Rothshank will be using his grant to hide 40 handmade ceramic vases. People who find the vases may keep them to do as they wish, Rothshank said in his grant application. The Vase Giveaway will serve as a promotion for the Michiana Pottery Tour that Rothshank co-founded.

Public art is a great way to bring people together, and it’s wonderful that the Little BIG Idea Grant inspired so much creativity, inspiration and community spirit. Launched in August 2017 under the Vibrant Communities initiative, the Little BIG Idea Grant has to date awarded 30 projects ranging from student art exhibitions in Elkhart and Goshen, the Middlebury Pumpkin Races, and a countywide event centered around the children’s toy “slime.”

Here are the other winners of Little BIG Idea Grants and recipients of up to $1,000:

Sally Bawtinheimer — Little Library

A resident of Elkhart’s west side, Bawtinheimer says many school children pass by her home on their way to Daly Elementary School and West Side Middle School, so her idea is to create a free little lending library so that students (and adults too!) could “find a good book and dive in!”

Gregory Korte — Windmill in Goshen

A lifelong resident of Goshen, Korte proposes to celebrate the early Dutch settlers of the east Goshen area with a recreation of a Dutch windmill in Dykstra Park. Korte has worked with the East Goshen Neighborhood Association on the project and has also gotten the OK from the Goshen Parks Department.

***Elisha Rauch — Sports Podcast

Elisha is a big sports fan, and the pre-teen from Goshen is starting a podcast to discuss sports with other fans. Elisha said he hoped to inspire other students to start their own podcasts, as there aren’t many in the area, he said in his application.

Carrie Beachey — Fiber Art in Art Alley

A Middlebury resident, Beachey and her husband will create a unique public art piece comprised of reclaimed wood and other natural materials from around Elkhart County. The work will be displayed in the Goshen Art Alley off the 100 block of South Main Street. Beachey said they will also create a do-it-yourself craft station during First Fridays so that people can make a piece inspired by their work.

***Annika Miller — Student Mural

A sixth grade science teacher at Goshen Middle School, Miller organized students to paint a mural in the community. Working with seven community partners, the students designed each of the murals and then painted them. This year’s project will take a similar approach, perhaps with the same community partners or new ones, she said.

Amanda Wagner — Youth Arts on the Millrace

A Goshen resident, Wagner will be using her grant to expand opportunities for student artists to create and exhibit their works at Arts on the Millrace. Wagner organizes the kids art activities at the annual event, and the grant would also allow for a larger area for this creativity.

The Little BIG Idea Grants are intended to spread love, creativity and community through programs, events and projects that celebrate life in Elkhart County. The more people who can get involved or be affected positively by a project, the better!

Grant applications for up to $1,000 awards are still being accepted at www.LittleBigIdeaGrant.com. It doesn’t matter if you’re 8 years old or 88 years old. The Little BIG Idea Grant and the Vibrant Communities initiatives believe in the power of creative people being inspired to shine their light across the community.

For more information, contact Steve Gruber, chair of the Little BIG Idea Grant committee, at artsonmain@frontier.com or Terry T. Mark of the Elkhart County Convention & Visitors Bureau at 574-262-8161 or terry@eccvb.org.

GMS Earns Music Award

Congratulations to Goshen Middle School, the music teachers, and the student musicians!

Goshen Community Schools just received this letter from the Indiana State School Music Association (ISSMA):

Dr. Woodworth,

I am happy to inform you that the Band and Orchestra at Goshen Middle School is a recipient of the Indiana State School Music Association All-Music Award for the 2017-18 school year.

Congratulations to you, the talented young musicians, and the music staff for the outstanding musical accomplishments this past year. ISSMA is presenting the Band and Orchestra a special banner to display in recognition of these outstanding achievements.

Your support and encouragement, as well as that of the entire community, are important factors in the success and achievement of these outstanding musical organizations.

Michael K. Bridgewater

Executive Director

4-23-18 Board Recognition

Prior to the board meeting, there was a reception for the West Goshen Elementary staff, in honor of their recent TAP Founder’s Award.


The board also recognized several GHS students who created new school logos to coordinate with the updated school corporation logo. Those students were led by their teacher, Betsy Poling and corporation webmaster Megan Eichorn. The students who worked on the logos were:  Manny Castillo, Iyla Stoy, Ariel Thomas (pictured) and Alexis Ramos and Austin Bontrager (who were unable to attend).

GMS student Matthew Snyder was also recognized following his win in a chess competition where he was outranked, but still managed to defeat his opponents in all four of his matches.

Prairie View teacher Kelsey Ambrosen and some of her P.V. students were honored after she and one of her students received Little Big Ideas Grants worth $1,000. Kelsey’s grant was based on a book that encourages book scavenger hunts in your community, and  Elisha Rauch’s grant was for the development of a sports podcast.

Congratulations to all who were honored and recognized at the board meeting!

2018-19 GCS Title I Preschool/programa de preescolar TITULO I

2018-2019 GCS Title I  preschool

Give your child the best possible start with language, math, literacy and self-regulation skills taught in a positive supportive environment.  We combine award winning curriculums including Tools of the Mind, Grapeseed and Minds in Motion to do everything possible to help you prepare your child for academic success.

Transportation and meal provided; No cost, but must apply for free/reduced lunch; Must be 4 years old and not 5 by August 1, 2018; and Must live in Goshen Schools.

REGISTRATION STARTS SOON! GCS Administration Center 613 E Purl Street, Goshen

Friday May 4 8am-4pm, Friday May 11 8am – 4pm, and Friday May 18 8am-4pm

574-533-8631 x 2050, Mary Kay Longacre, Director of Grants and Assessments


2018-2019 programa de preescolar TITULO I de la corporaciÓn escolar de goshen

Dele a su hijo el mejor comienzo posible con clases para mejorar sus habilidades del lenguaje, matemáticas, lectura, escritura y de autorregulación que se enseñan en un ambiente de apoyo positivo.  Combinamos planes de estudio reconocidos como Tools of the Mind (Herramientas de la mente), Grapeseed (Semilla de uva) y Grapeseed and Minds in Motion (Semilla            de uva y Mentes en movimiento) para ayudarle a su hijo en lo posible a prepararse para alcanzar el éxito académico.

Se proporcionarán el transporte escolar y las comidas; No hay costo alguno, pero deberá solicitar el servicio de almuerzo gratuito o reducido; Debe tener 4 años cumplidos y no 5 años para el 1º de agosto del 2018; y Debe vivir dentro del distrito escolar de Goshen.

¡Las Inscripciones comienzan pronto! Oficina administrativa de la Corporación Escolar de Goshen
613 E Purl Street, Goshen

Viernes,  4 de mayo  8 a.m.-4 p.m., Viernes, 11 de mayo 8 a.m.-4 p.m., y Viernes, 18 de mayo 8 a.m.-4 p.m.


GHS Students Win First Place in Skills USA

Congratulations to the following Goshen High School students who placed 1st in the Skills USA state competition in Indianapolis on April 13-14:

Morgan McKenna, for her Chapter Display  (Graphic Design)

Electra Reiff, in Crime Scene Investigation

Morgan and Electra are now eligible to participate in the Skills USA national competition which will be held in Louisville, Kentucky on June 25-29, 2018.

Congratulations, Morgan and Electra! Goshen High School and Goshen Community Schools are both extremely proud of your accomplishments!

Ascending to New Heights

Chandler 2nd graders are doing a project called “Ascending to New Heights” along with Mr. Jim Alber’s Special Education class from GHS. Students are going to be designing experiments to launch with a weather balloon that will go to over 100,000 feet. The students will be using 3-D design software and storytelling software to help let others know about the results and how plants are impacted by different temperatures and altitudes.

To raise money for this a gofundme page has been setup. The students and staff hope to continue this project with future classes, so please consider donating to support this endeavor. Click to Donate: https://gofund.me/gcshab?pc=tw_cr_n … … via @gofundme 


Live feed of GHS Calf now available

This week, the Engineering Technology classes at GHS began working with a sweet little soon-to-be-named Hereford calf who was born on Friday, April 13th. The calf is a Dwarf, bred purposely to be miniature. But she was also born with birth defects, namely, she only has one digit per foot, and her back legs are different lengths and deformed. Her front legs are strong, but due to her back leg deformities, she is unable to walk on her own.  Her owners, Don and Nancy Shaum did not want to put her down, so they enlisted the help of Jen Yoder, and her Tech. Ed. classes at Goshen High School.

Mrs. Yoder has been bottle feeding the young calf and taking her back and forth to school with her each day, while her students work to plan and develop a prosthetic or trainer device to help the calf stand and walk.  They are also currently working on a sling solution to assist with feeding.

There will be several opportunities for collaborative work with the calf, including: Working with GHS science teacher Cathy DeMeyer’s classes to study the calf with regard to its biology and genetics; and Mrs. Yoder has also invited Fairfield High School’s Vet. Tech. class to be involved in studying the calf and offering input for her care.

As you can imagine, GHS students and staff are very excited about this project! If you would like to follow along with the students as they work to make this calf’s life a little easier, you may follow @GHSEngineerTech on Twitter. If you are interested, you may also check in on the calf while she is at GHS. There will be a webcam on her from 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. during the school day.

GHS is thankful to Don and Nancy Shaum for the opportunity for our students to work on this unique, real-world problem; especially when the subject is just so adorable! When the solution has been found for the calf’s mobility issues and she is able to stand and walk with the new device(s), she will return to the Shaum family where she will remain in their care as a beloved family pet

Kindergarten “Blast Off” Dates

3-2-1 Blast Off! For School Year 2018-19

Help your child “blast off” on their journey with Goshen Community Schools! During “Blast Off” activities, incoming kindergartners and families will meet the school staff, visit the kindergarten rooms, and participate in kindergarten readiness activities.

Please note that all students should be registered with Goshen Community Schools prior to attending Blast Off. Incoming kindergartners may be registered at Central Registration, located in the GCS Administration Center at 613 E. Purl St. Goshen.

The dates for Blast Off are:

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Chandler, Parkside and Waterford, 5:30-7:00 p.m.

Goshen College Kindergarten, 5:00-6:00 p.m.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Chamberlain, Model, Prairie View, and West Goshen, 5:30-7:00 p.m.


¡3-2-1 ¡Despegue! Año escolar 2018-19

Ayúdele a su hijo a despegar hacia su viaje con la Corporación Escolar de Goshen.

Conozca al personal de la escuela; visite los salones de clases de jardín de niños y participe en las actividades de

preparación de jardín de niños.

Haga el favor de inscribir a su hijo en la oficina central, ubicada en la dirección 613 East Purl Street, antes de la fecha del “Despegue”.

Jueves, 19 de abril

Chandler, Parkside, Waterford, 5:30 P.M.— 7:00 P.M.

Goshen College Kindergarten, 5-6 PM

Martes, 24 de abril

Chamberlain, Model, Prairie View, West Goshen, 5:30 P.M.— 7:00 P.M.




West Goshen Principal Named a Teach Factor Fellow

Goshen Community Schools Principal Lori Line Announced as Teach Factor Fellow Helping Advance Teacher Leader Roles Nationwide

West Goshen Principal Lori Line

National Institute for Excellence in Teaching’s Teach Factor Engages Local Educators to Lend Their Voices to the U.S. Education Conversation and Drive Improved Student Achievement

Goshen, IN — (April 16, 2018) – The National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET) named Lori Line, principal in Goshen Community Schools, as a Teach Factor Fellow for the recently launched Teach Factor initiative. This initiative illuminates the stories of effective teachers, principals and superintendents to reveal scalable solutions for teacher leadership – a factor pivotal to the profession and student achievement.

“We all believe that through working with NIET, we’ve created a culture of growing and learning for all of us,” said Line, principal of West Goshen Elementary School. West Goshen recently received the 2018 TAP Founder’s Award and a $50,000 cash prize for its exemplary implementation of the TAP System. “West Goshen teachers don’t make excuses; we find strategies. We look at data, we make a plan and we execute the plan.”

Line first began working in Goshen Community Schools in 1999 as a career teacher before becoming a teacher leader as a master teacher in 2011, an Indiana state TAP regional coordinator in 2013 and a principal in 2015. While in partnership with NIET, West Goshen — a D school before the implementation of TAP — has maintained an “A” rating since 2016. The school also achieved a value-added growth score of 5 – the highest possible score on a 1-5 scale.

Through The Teach Factor, NIET is working with educators like Line across the nation to define the most effective models of teacher leadership and develop a formal structure that schools, districts and states can implement to maximize the impact of teacher leaders.

Teach Factor Fellows will participate in panels and roundtable discussions and share their stories of success in teacher leadership as well as their trusted resources at teachfactor.niet.org and on NIET’s social channels. They will share proven methods that have led to increased student achievement and promote these methods as best practices. Fellows also encourage other educators to share their stories on the site or via social media using #TeachFactor. Stories collected will be used to develop additional resources to benefit teacher leaders.

“We’re proud to have educators like Lori Line as Teach Factor Fellows,” said NIET Co-President and Chief Strategy Officer Patrice Pujol. “Their success advancing teacher leader roles and impacting achievement in schools like those in Goshen embodies The Teach Factor and serves as an example all schools, districts and states can follow.”

More information and resources, including videos from 12 Teach Factor Fellows like Line, are available by following @NIETteach on social media and at teachfactor.niet.org.


About NIET
Based on the knowledge and experience gained from two decades of on-the-ground implementation with TAP, combined with the growing demand for proven reforms in teacher and principal effectiveness, NIET supports schools, districts, universities and states with educator evaluation training, teacher leader certification modules linked to learning platforms and human capital management systems as well as tools and resources for educator preparation. Learn more at www.niet.org.

GHS Tech. Ed. Classes Take on a Special Project


This sweet little yet-to-be-named Hereford calf is only three days old. She was born with Dwarfism and birth defects, including having only one digit per foot. Her owners, Don and Nancy Shaum did not have the heart to put her down, so they enlisted the help of the engineering technology classes at Goshen High School.

The technology teacher, Jen Yoder, is no stranger to animals and she does not shy away from a challenge. Mrs. Yoder plans to bottle feed the young calf and take her back and forth to school with her each day, while her students work to develop a prosthetic or trainer device to help the calf stand and walk.

Mrs. Yoder said that there will be several opportunities for collaborative work with the calf, including: Working with GHS science teacher Cathy DeMeyer’s classes to study the calf with regard to its biology and genetics; and Mrs. Yoder will also invite Fairfield High School’s Vet. Tech. class to be involved in studying the calf and offering input for her care.

As you can imagine, everyone is very excited about this project! We will periodically post updates on the developments of this project. If you would like to follow along, you may follow @GHSEngineerTech on Twitter.

GHS Life Skills Prom

The annual Life Skills Prom was held at Goshen High School today. This year’s theme was Under the Sea.

GHS student council members, led by their sponsor Jaimie Pierce, assisted with decorating, serving lunch, and making sure everyone had a good time. Students from GHS, Northridge, Fairfield, Concord, and the Young Adult Program came to the prom dressed up and ready to dance!

Below, neighboring schools were welcomed to the prom by student council members.

The DJ from Epic Events kept things moving with some great music.

Many guests danced while other students were still arriving

As the host, GHS teacher Shane Mullett welcomed everyone, and provided instructions for lunch.

And then the student council members served lunch to the guests.


One student had a birthday, so they celebrated by inviting her to lead the conga line.

The Chicken Dance.


And more dancing.

The day looked like a big success, with smiles all around!

In speaking with a Nikki Stump who has been substitute teaching in one of the classrooms, this is what she had to say: “The best part about Goshen High School is that the students treat the students with special needs just like everyone else. In fact, they embrace them and look out for them. This is a really caring school.”

A huge thank you to the teachers, sponsors, and students who helped to make this a very special day. Until next year…

Career Center Opportunities for GHS Students

As part of the curriculum at Goshen High School, students have the option to take classes at the Elkhart Area Career Center (1/2 days) during their high school career. The classes available to students provide great opportunities for them to explore possible careers in greater depth, and to get hands-on training in their particular field(s) of interest.

The current classroom/curriculum choices at the Career Center include:

Arts & Communication

GHS Student

 Engineering, Manufacturing, and Technology

GHS Student

 Health & Public Safety
 Hospitality & Human Services

GHS Student


GHS Student

Information From the Career Center Website:

The Elkhart Area Career Center (EACC) first opened for the 1971-72 school year with 18 sending school partners.  Original programming included:  secretarial skills, clerical skills, auto body and auto mechanics, building trades, technical drafting, electronics, graphic arts and advance printing, welding, health occupations, commercial sewing, food service, horticulture, radio and television, and audio-visual technology.

The EACC’s ability to adjust programming needs to serve employment trends has been a strength over its decades of service.  An Early Childhood Education program was launched for the 1987-88 school year.  Student interest in public safety led to the launch of a Law Enforcement program for the 1993-94 school year and five years later a Firefighting program was started.  One of the original areas of programming, health occupations, has grown over the years as local needs have changed.  A nursing assistant program was started prior to the 1990-91 school year and within 5 years staffing in health occupations grew to three instructors and programming was increased to offer second year training and dental instruction. Computer Programming was first offered for the 1977-78 school year and courses related to applications and networking have been introduced to respond to changing needs within the field.  The introduction of the computer in drafting compelled the EACC to begin offering CAD courses prior to the 1999-2000 school year.  

The changes in programming, enhancement of curriculum, and additional space have all been implemented in an effort to support the EACC’s initial vision of offering instruction to anyone in the region that wished to learn about the “world of work.”  EACC has continued to communicate with business partners and monitor employment trends to ensure programming not only benefits the Elkhart community, but position students to pursue career interests with the needed training to be successful.

GHS Alternate Schedule/Testing Days (April 24-27)


On April 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th, some students at Goshen High School will be taking required state ISTEP and ECA tests. Because only selected students must take the exam, the rest of the students will participate in online learning partial days. This means that all students who are testing should arrive at their normal time. All other students do not have to arrive at GHS until 10:45 a.m. However, all students not testing will have assignments that need to be completed on their computer. These late start online learning days only apply to students who are not testing. If you are not certain if your child needs to participate in either test, please contact Goshen High School at 533-8651 or have them check with their SRT teacher, Guidance or the main office.

If your child rides a bus, the buses will run at the normal times. Students who are not testing will be allowed to work on the online assignment or other homework in the cafeteria. There will be no delayed buses those mornings. Again, if students choose not to arrive until 10:45 a.m., they will be responsible for their own transportation.

The reasons for these alternate schedules are to provide an excellent testing environment as well as to determine how Goshen High School might be able to use online learning days in the 2018-2019 school year when weather makes attendance at school impossible. Please feel free to contact the principal or any of the assistant principals. Their email addresses are found below. Thank you for your cooperation regarding the change in schedule on these days.

Dr. Barry Younghans byounghans@goshenschools.org
Mr. Brian Bechtel bbechtel@goshenschools.org
Mr. Dan Butler dbutler@goshenschools.org
Mr. Jim Pickard jpickard@goshenschools.org
Mr. Randy Carpenter rcarpenter@goshenschools.org



El 24, 25, 26 y 27 de abril, algunos estudiantes de la preparatoria Goshen High School harán los exámenes estatales requeridos ISTEP y ECA. Debido a que sólo los estudiantes seleccionados deben tomar el examen, el resto de los estudiantes tomarán clases en línea en días parciales. Esto significa que, todos los estudiantes que vayan a hacer el examen deben llegar en su horario normal. El resto de los estudiantes no tienen que llegar a GHS sino hasta las 10:45 a.m. Sin embargo, todos estos estudiantes que no hagan los exámenes tendrán que terminar sus tareas en su computadora. Estos días de entrada tarde, en donde los estudiantes tomarán clases en línea, solamente son para aquellos estudiantes que no harán los exámenes. Si usted no está seguro si su hijo tiene que hacer alguno de los exámenes, comuníquese a Goshen High School al 533-8651 o pídale que revise con el profesor de SRT, con el orientador escolar o en la dirección principal.

Si su hijo toma el autobús escolar, los autobuses saldrán a la hora normal. A los estudiantes que no tienen que hacer los exámenes, se les permitirá hacer su tarea en línea o cualquier otra tarea en la cafetería. Los autobuses no darán servicio más tarde esas mañanas. De nuevo, si los estudiantes prefieren llegar hasta las 10:45 a.m., tendrán que responsabilizarse por su propio transporte.

Las razones de estos horarios alternativos son las de proporcionar un excelente entorno para realizar evaluaciones, así como determinar cómo Goshen High School podría hacer funcionar las clases en línea en el año escolar 2018-2019, cuando el clima haga que el asistir a la escuela sea imposible. Por favor, no dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo o con cualquiera de los subdirectores. Nuestras direcciones de correo electrónico se encuentran a continuación. Gracias por su cooperación con respecto al cambio de horario en estos días.

Dr. Barry Younghans byounghans@goshenschools.org
Sr. Brian Bechtel bbechtel@goshenschools.org
Sr. Dan Butler dbutler@goshenschools.org
Sr. Jim Pickard jpickard@goshenschools.org
Sr. Randy Carpenter rcarpenter@goshenschools.org

3/27/18 Goshen News-Letter to the Editor

The following was submitted to the Goshen News by Ron Weirich:

Kudos to GMS New Tech staff and students

As a former sixth-grade teacher at Goshen Middle Schools (21 years) and a total of 41 years in the classroom, I believe the following observation has merit.

On Wednesday, March 21, I was a guest teacher in the New Tech sixth-grade program. The final activity of the day was the entry event for the next New Tech project. It required all 125 students to move through the building to meet in the somewhat-crowded space of the media center. They were grouped at tables and separate chairs, some even needed to sit on the floor.

They were there to listen to the education coordinator from Potawatomi Zoo describe the vision for continuing growth and development of the zoo. She even brought an armadillo for the students to see up close-even touch! All in all, this kind of schedule disruption is very commonly difficult for staff because of students’ excitement and opportunity to act out. Following the talk and question/answer time, students were then asked to work at their tables and groups, completing an entry document that will focus their project. The project will develop ideas to make the zoo greener and provide new display spaces for some animals to be added to the zoo.

My reason for all of this description is to say that I cannot remember any group of that size (and age) who were more respectful, focused and quiet during transitions and presentation than what I experienced today. I found the students maintained decorum and their questions and documents indicate that some fantastic ideas and learning will come from these students. There is a possibility that a project from these bright kids could become a new display for Potawatomi Zoo.

Kudos to the New Tech staff and students for their modeling of respect and quality education practices.

Ron Weirich

Thank you, Ron, for taking the time to send this letter recognizing just some of the great students and staff at Goshen Middle School!

Kercher Road Closure Notice

On April 9, 2018, Kercher Road will be closed East of State Road 15 at the railroad tracks to the west limits of Weymouth Ave. This closure will be in effect until November 16, 2018. If there are questions, people may contact the Rieth-Riley Construction project engineer, Jordan Gard, at Jgard@rieth-riley.com or 574-288-8321.