7-11-16 Board Recognition

Program leaders, mentors, and students involved with the E3 program at Goshen Middle School were honored by the board last night. The GMS coordinators are Jeromy Sheets, Tami Hicks, and Brian Amundson. Mr. Sheets shared that the program evolved out of a need to provide something more for students who were struggling with traditional education. He noted that over time, positive relationships have developed between mentors and students, and the kids are learning valuable life skills through the program.

Cheryl Mast, mentor and coordinator for outdoor education at Camp Amigo, was honored for her leadership and dedication to the program. She shared that the E3 students have thrived at camp and seem to enjoy the team building and service projects. She noted that by Empowering, Engaging, and Equipping (E3) the students, we are simply “unpacking their gifts” and preparing them for the future.

E3 mentors are: Brian Amundson, Thomas Smith, Bob Duell, Garry Anglemyer, Jeffrey Riehl, David Kieper, Ardean Friesen, Dale Shetler, and Greg Sommers.

E3 students include: Alfredo Alvarez, Dylan Bell, Jesus Campos, Ty Fry, Luis Garcia, Jordan Gottwald, Salomon Hernandez-Gutierrez, Quevin Hood, Parker Laffoon, Michael Lam Chacon, Andy Ledesma, Adam Leeper, Giovanni Rodriguez, and Kallom Rhamey.

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Thank you to all who participate in the E3 program!