10-8-18 Board Recognition

The October 8th GCS board meeting was held at Model Elementary, and Model principal Tami Hicks talked about what the students have been learning and doing since the beginning of the school year. She said that “Of course we are always trying to grow our students academically, but this year we added something new; we committed to the 21 Days of Kindness Challenge. Starting on September 1st, our students and staff looked for ways to be kind to each other and to express our appreciation for people in our building, in the community, and at home…Parents took pictures and used a hashtag to let others know what their students were doing at home too….You may have noticed the kindness links lining the hallway, those each represent an act of kindness in our school.”

Ms. Hicks then recognized several students who went “above and beyond to be kind or helpful.”


School Counselor Shelly Banes introduced Model’s 5th grade Leadership students, who also took the board members on tours of the school prior to the board meeting. She said that the students have been very busy so far this year, and have been excellent leaders. Among the things that the leaders do are: Teaching other students the Bulldog Beliefs; helping with Kindergarten Blast Off; Helping kindergarten students after school for the first few days of school, to make sure they find the correct doors for the bus, parent pick up, or the crossing guard; Reading the daily announcements; Putting the flag up in the morning and taking it down in the afternoon, Helping to organize Red Ribbon Week; and Being a buddy to struggling students.

The students then read their statements about what being a leader means to them. Several of the students read longer essays that they had written when they participated in the C.L.A.S.S. leadership training in Indianapolis over the summer.

Lastly, Dr. Woodworth introduced GMS math teacher Terry Hussey. Mrs. Hussey was a top ten finalist for the Indiana Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Hussey was nominated by Dr. Steve Hope, and together with Dr. Hope, Terry filled out an extensive questionnaire. When she was named a finalist, Mrs. Hussey traveled to Indianapolis to be interviewed by the selection committee. While she was ultimately not chosen as the teacher of the year, Dr. Woodworth reported that she had heard from some officials on the selection committee and they told her that Mrs. Hussey was “an amazing educator and that they were very glad to have met her.”