Intermediate School Orchestra Program

Participation in the Goshen Community Schools Orchestra Program begins with the summer beginner program for incoming 5th-grade students (students with significant summer conflicts may have the opportunity to start in a condensed three-week after-school program in August).  The Fifth Grade Orchestra is taught by Mr. Sean Patrick.

5th Grade Orchestra resumes for all students in late August.  5th-grade students will have orchestra twice a week; once a week before or after school at their individual schools, and once a week after school each Wednesday from 3:45-4:45 at Goshen Intermediate School. We encourage students to arrange transportation home but we should be able to have a bus available to take students home.  It does take some time for this bus to travel the entire district so we encourage parent pickup and carpooling if/when available.  The 5th Grade Orchestra performs at the December Winter Festival and May Spring Festival concerts.