Goshen Community Schools offers gifted classes for students entering fourth grade through high school.

Elementary Students

Students are provided with a rich learning environment in which both the depth and breadth of curriculum is expanded.

Both fourth and fifth graders who have been identified as intellectually gifted are invited to be included in self-contained classes located at Chandler Elementary. Two full time teachers serve the approximately 45 students in the elementary program.

Middle School Students

At the middle school, there are gifted classes offered in the areas of math and language arts at each grade level (sixth, seventh, and eighth). Students may be identified to be in just one or both academic strands. Students in these classes move at a faster pace and have components of their curriculum which are distinctly different than their peers.

High School Students

Gifted classes at the high school include a ninth grade English class. Beyond these two classes, Goshen High School offers a broad selection of high level classes, including Advanced Placement and dual credit classes.

For profoundly gifted students, the staff of GCS partners with parents to provide creative and unique learning opportunities including grade skipping, acceleration in one or more subject areas and internet courses.