As a student, parent or community member, you have the power to keep our school district safe. We rely on you to be our eyes and ears-letting us know when there is possible danger. Be a life saver and help stop a potential school crisis or school bullying!

3 parts must be present for behavior to be labeled BULLYING

1.Behavior (physical, verbal, written, cyber) is unwanted and aggressive.stopthinkact

2.Behavior is repeated over and over.

3.Behavior with a power imbalance (younger vs older; bigger vs littler, etc.).

Our Safety and Bullying Tip Line is a completely anonymous, toll-free tip line that you can access any time you have information about bullying or a possible crisis.

Do your part to protect others. Call 574 538-3200 and help stop potential problems!

For more information on Indiana State guidelines regarding bullying and prevention, click here.

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