Administration Center Staff

Name Email Position
Branden Beachy Network Administrator
Greg Beachey Food Service Director
Timothy Bontreger Corporation Delivery
Tom Boomershine Facilities Director
Magali Charlebois Spanish Translator
Sarah Deegan HR Administrative Assistant – Certified Support
Timothy Drescher Student Data Systems Coordinator
Megan Eichorn Webmaster
Judy French Maintenance/Transportation
Alex Garcia Custodian
Stella Garcia Central Registrar
Regina Goodman Software Staff Developer
Vickie Grant Administrative Assistant
Moshe Hodges District Technician
Denise Hoffer Payroll
Steve Hope Assistant Superintendent-Secondary Education
Elna Hussey Food Services Administrative Assistant
Tonia Immel Assistant Treasurer
Kelley Kitchen Director of Finance
Angela Krebs HR/Finance Administrative Assistant – Classified Support
Mary Kay Longacre Director of Grants & Assessments
Lori Martin Executive Assistant to Superintendent
Teri McCrindle Technology Administrative Assistant
Alan Metcalfe Assistant Superintendent-Elementary Education
Judy Miller Energy Education Specialist
Merv Miller Apple Technician
Tracey Noe Curriculum Coordinator
Char Cook Lilly Grant Coordinator
Marlene Penner Benefits & Payroll Administrative Assistant
Mark Perry Student Applications Specialist
Dolores Pfenning ELL Director
Bianca Sanchez Transportation Administrative Assistant
Shelly Sharkey Transportation Coordinator
Steve Hochstetler Shirk Administrative Systems
David Snyder Technology Director
Susan Stiffney Asst. HR Director & Health Services Coordinator
Tamra Ummel Assistant Superintendent – HR & Professional Development
Jessica Wileman Accounting Specialist
Diane Woodworth Superintendent

School Board Members

Name Email Position
Felipe Merino School Board President
Bradd Weddell School Board Vice President
Keith Goodman School Board Secretary
Roger Nafziger School Board Member
José Elizalde School Board Member
Amanda Qualls School Board Member