Everyone getting what they need, not just getting the exact same thing.


Being welcomed and embraced as a member who belongs.

The Goshen Community Schools Equity & Inclusion Council began in 2020
and is comprised of GCS staff, teachers, administrators, parents, and students.

Statement of Purpose

The Equity and Inclusion Council works to eliminate the systems in our school culture that sustain bias and discrimination so each student can reach their full potential and supports all stakeholders as they engage fully in this vital work.

Statement of Philosophy 

We believe in the people of Goshen Community Schools; students, families, teachers, staff, administration, and school board. These people represent a wealth of diversity in nationality, race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, and abilities; yet, many are excluded based on these qualities and feel that they do not belong. Individually and collectively, the people of GCS must eliminate the systems in our dominant culture that sustain this bias and oppression so that each student can reach their full potential.

Eliminating bias and oppression is the focus of the Equity and Inclusion Council. However, it is not solely the responsibility of this council. We expect everyone to be involved in this vital work of restorative justice to heal historic traumas and to strengthen relationships in our community. This work is long-term in nature and will need to be pursued at systemic, professional, cultural, and personal levels. We challenge all to do this with courage, humility, empathy, and a curiosity to learn through sharing stories and listening to one another.

Council Members

Alia Byrd
Chamberlain EL Teacher

Rafael Chavez y Moreno
GMS Spanish Teacher

Jan Desmarais-Morse
GMS School Counselor

Ana Diaz-Loucks
GMS Spanish Teacher

Robin Ebright Zehr

Jose Elizalde

José Elizalde
School Board Member

Julian Gonzalez
GMS Digital Media Teacher

Dr. Steve Hope

Dr. Steve Hope

Larry Kissinger
Director of Athletics

Jackie Jones
GHS Life Skills Teacher

Amanda Qualls

Amanda Qualls
School Board Secretary

Maria Sanchez Schirch
School Board Member

Lavonne Shetler
GHS English Teacher

Darin Short

Darin Short
Consultant, Columinate

Lori Shreiner
Director of Sec. Ed/Equity & Inclusion

Marilyn Torres
GMS Language Arts Teacher

Gabi Tovar
GHS Parent Liaison

Jeremiah Wade

Jeremiah Wade
GHS English Teacher